CUDA Runtime API


 Thread Management
 Error Handling
 Device Management
 Stream Management
 Event Management
 Execution Control
 Memory Management
 OpenGL Interoperability
 Direct3D 9 Interoperability
 Direct3D 10 Interoperability
 Direct3D 11 Interoperability
 VDPAU Interoperability
 Graphics Interoperability
 Texture Reference Management
 Surface Reference Management
 Version Management
 C++ API Routines
 C++-style interface built on top of CUDA runtime API.
 Interactions with the CUDA Driver API
 Interactions between the CUDA Driver API and the CUDA Runtime API.
 Data types used by CUDA Runtime


#define CUDART_VERSION   3020

Detailed Description

There are two levels for the runtime API.

The C API (cuda_runtime_api.h) is a C-style interface that does not require compiling with nvcc.

The C++ API (cuda_runtime.h) is a C++-style interface built on top of the C API. It wraps some of the C API routines, using overloading, references and default arguments. These wrappers can be used from C++ code and can be compiled with any C++ compiler. The C++ API also has some CUDA-specific wrappers that wrap C API routines that deal with symbols, textures, and device functions. These wrappers require the use of nvcc because they depend on code being generated by the compiler. For example, the execution configuration syntax to invoke kernels is only available in source code compiled with nvcc.

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