Direct3D 9 Interoperability
[CUDA Runtime API]


 Direct3D 9 Interoperability [DEPRECATED]


enum  cudaD3D9DeviceList {
  cudaD3D9DeviceListAll = 1,
  cudaD3D9DeviceListCurrentFrame = 2,
  cudaD3D9DeviceListNextFrame = 3
enum  cudaD3D9MapFlags {
  cudaD3D9MapFlagsNone = 0,
  cudaD3D9MapFlagsReadOnly = 1,
  cudaD3D9MapFlagsWriteDiscard = 2
enum  cudaD3D9RegisterFlags {
  cudaD3D9RegisterFlagsNone = 0,
  cudaD3D9RegisterFlagsArray = 1


cudaError_t cudaD3D9GetDevice (int *device, const char *pszAdapterName)
 Gets the device number for an adapter.
cudaError_t cudaD3D9GetDevices (unsigned int *pCudaDeviceCount, int *pCudaDevices, unsigned int cudaDeviceCount, IDirect3DDevice9 *pD3D9Device, enum cudaD3D9DeviceList deviceList)
 Gets the CUDA devices corresponding to a Direct3D 9 device.
cudaError_t cudaD3D9GetDirect3DDevice (IDirect3DDevice9 **ppD3D9Device)
 Gets the Direct3D device against which the current CUDA context was created.
cudaError_t cudaD3D9SetDirect3DDevice (IDirect3DDevice9 *pD3D9Device, int device=-1)
 Sets the Direct3D device to use for interoperability in this thread.
cudaError_t cudaGraphicsD3D9RegisterResource (struct cudaGraphicsResource **resource, IDirect3DResource9 *pD3DResource, unsigned int flags)
 Register a Direct3D 9 resource for access by CUDA.

Detailed Description

This section describes the Direct3D 9 interoperability functions of the CUDA runtime application programming interface.

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