Execution Control
[CUDA Runtime API]


cudaError_t cudaConfigureCall (dim3 gridDim, dim3 blockDim, size_t sharedMem=0, cudaStream_t stream=0)
 Configure a device-launch.
cudaError_t cudaFuncGetAttributes (struct cudaFuncAttributes *attr, const char *func)
 Find out attributes for a given function.
cudaError_t cudaFuncSetCacheConfig (const char *func, enum cudaFuncCache cacheConfig)
 Sets the preferred cache configuration for a device function.
cudaError_t cudaLaunch (const char *entry)
 Launches a device function.
cudaError_t cudaSetDoubleForDevice (double *d)
 Converts a double argument to be executed on a device.
cudaError_t cudaSetDoubleForHost (double *d)
 Converts a double argument after execution on a device.
cudaError_t cudaSetupArgument (const void *arg, size_t size, size_t offset)
 Configure a device launch.

Detailed Description

This section describes the execution control functions of the CUDA runtime application programming interface.

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