cudaError_t cudaFuncGetAttributes ( struct cudaFuncAttributes attr,
const char *  func 

This function obtains the attributes of a function specified via func, which is a character string that specifies the fully-decorated (C++) name for a function that executes on the device. The parameter specified by func must be declared as a __global__ function. The fetched attributes are placed in attr. If the specified function does not exist, then cudaErrorInvalidDeviceFunction is returned.

Note that some function attributes such as maxThreadsPerBlock may vary based on the device that is currently being used.

attr - Return pointer to function's attributes
func - Function to get attributes of
cudaSuccess, cudaErrorInitializationError, cudaErrorInvalidDeviceFunction
Note that this function may also return error codes from previous, asynchronous launches.
See also:
cudaConfigureCall, cudaFuncSetCacheConfig (C API), cudaFuncGetAttributes (C++ API), cudaLaunch (C API), cudaSetDoubleForDevice, cudaSetDoubleForHost, cudaSetupArgument (C API)

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