OpenGL Interoperability
[CUDA Runtime API]


 OpenGL Interoperability [DEPRECATED]


enum  cudaGLMapFlags {
  cudaGLMapFlagsNone = 0,
  cudaGLMapFlagsReadOnly = 1,
  cudaGLMapFlagsWriteDiscard = 2


cudaError_t cudaGLSetGLDevice (int device)
 Sets the CUDA device for use with OpenGL interoperability.
cudaError_t cudaGraphicsGLRegisterBuffer (struct cudaGraphicsResource **resource, GLuint buffer, unsigned int flags)
 Registers an OpenGL buffer object.
cudaError_t cudaGraphicsGLRegisterImage (struct cudaGraphicsResource **resource, GLuint image, GLenum target, unsigned int flags)
 Register an OpenGL texture or renderbuffer object.
cudaError_t cudaWGLGetDevice (int *device, HGPUNV hGpu)
 Gets the CUDA device associated with hGpu.

Detailed Description

This section describes the OpenGL interoperability functions of the CUDA runtime application programming interface.

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