Event Management
[CUDA Runtime API]


cudaError_t cudaEventCreate (cudaEvent_t *event)
 Creates an event object.
cudaError_t cudaEventCreateWithFlags (cudaEvent_t *event, unsigned int flags)
 Creates an event object with the specified flags.
cudaError_t cudaEventDestroy (cudaEvent_t event)
 Destroys an event object.
cudaError_t cudaEventElapsedTime (float *ms, cudaEvent_t start, cudaEvent_t end)
 Computes the elapsed time between events.
cudaError_t cudaEventQuery (cudaEvent_t event)
 Queries an event's status.
cudaError_t cudaEventRecord (cudaEvent_t event, cudaStream_t stream=0)
 Records an event.
cudaError_t cudaEventSynchronize (cudaEvent_t event)
 Waits for an event to complete.

Detailed Description

This section describes the event management functions of the CUDA runtime application programming interface.

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