15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation, Summer 1 2015


Date Morning Afternoon Hw/Quiz Programming
M May 18 Contracts (Slides) (Code) Lab: Setup
T May 19 Integers (Slides) Rec: Contracts Written 1a Scavenger Hunt
W May 20 Arrays (Code) Lab: Integers Quiz 1a
R May 21 Searching (Code) (Handout) Rec: Pixels Written 1b
F May 22 Sorting (Code) Lab: Testing Quiz 1b Pixels
M May 25 - Memorial day, no class
T May 26 Binary Search (Code) Rec: Big-O Written 2a Images
W May 27 Quicksort (Code) Rec: Sorting Quiz 2a
R May 28 Data Structures (Code) Written 2b
F May 29 Stacks and Queues (Code) Rec: Stacks, Solutions Quiz 2b Doslingos
M June 1 - Exam 1
T June 2 Linked Lists (Code) Rec: Linked Lists Written 3a Clac
W June 3 Unbounded Arrays (Code) Lab: Linked Lists Quiz 3a
R June 4 Hash Tables Rec: Unbounded Arrays Written 3b
F June 5 Sets (Code) Lab: Recursion Quiz 3b Editor Checkpoint
M June 8 Generic Data Structures (Code) Lab: Hashing
T June 9 Binary Search Trees (Code) Lab: Trees Written 4a Editor Final
W June 10 AVL Trees (Slides) (Code) Rec: Trees Quiz 4a
R June 11 Priority Queues Lab: Heaps Written 4b
F June 12 Restoring Invariants (Code) Rec: Heaps Quiz 4b Ropes
M June 15 - Exam 2
T June 16 Data Structures in C (Code) Lab: C Intro Written 5a
W June 17 C's Memory Model Lab: C Strings Quiz 5a Generic Queues (no late day)
R June 18 Types in C Rec: More C Written 5b
F June 19 Virtual Machines (Code) (Handout) Lab: Dr. Evil's Passwords Quiz 5b Lights Out
M June 22 Graphs (Code) (Slides) Lab: Generic Sort
T June 23 Graph Search (Code) Rec: C0VM Functions, Slides Written 6a C0VM Checkpoint
W June 24 Spanning Trees Lab: Graphs Quiz 6a
R June 25 Union-Find (Code) Rec: Final Exam Review Written 6b C0VM Final (no late day)
F June 26 - Exam 3
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