15-317 Constructive Logic

  • Lectures are Tuesday and Thursday in Baker 255A.
  • Recitations are Wednesday in SH 214.
    Recitations generally cover the material from the preceding two lectures.
  • The class notes provide additional reading material.
    They complement, but do not replace the lecture.
  • The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.
Date Lecture or Recitation    Reading    Homework Due

Tue Aug 26 Overview 01-overview.pdf  
Thu Aug 28 Natural Deduction 02-natded.pdf  

Tue Sep 2 Harmony 03-harmony.pdf  
Thu Sep 4 Proofs as Programs 04-pap.pdf  

Tue Sep 9 Subject Reduction 05-subred.pdf  
Thu Sep 11 Quantification 06-quant.pdf Homework 1

Tue Sep 16 Computational Meaning of Quantifiers 07-compq.pdf  
Thu Sep 18 Proof Irrelevance 08-irrelevance.pdf Homework 2

Tue Sep 23 Classical Logic 09-10-classical.pdf, Sec 1-2  
Thu Sep 25 Computational Meaning of Classical Logic 09-10-classical.pdf, Sec 4 Homework 3

Tue Sep 30 Classical Quantifiers none  
Thu Oct 2 Midterm I   Homework 4

Tue Oct 7 Induction none  
Thu Oct 9 Arithmetic none  

Tue Oct 14 Logic Programming lp:01-lp.pdf, code  
Thu Oct 16 Control Constructs lp:02-data.pdf, code Homework 5

Tue Oct 21 Propositional Theorem Proving [Howe97], [Dyckhoff92]  
Thu Oct 23 Sequent Calculus atp:ch3-seqcalc.pdf, Sec 3.3 Homework 6

Tue Oct 28 Cut Elimination atp:ch3-seqcalc.pdf, Sec 3.4-3.5  
Thu Oct 30 Metainterpreters lp:04-opsem.pdf (code), lp:05-backtrack.pdf (code) Homework 7

Tue Nov 4 No Class    
Thu Nov 6 Midterm II    

Tue Nov 11 Saturation lp:20-bottomup.pdf Homework 8
Thu Nov 13 Stratification none  

Tue Nov 18 Imperative Logic Programming [Simmons08]  
Thu Nov 20 Linear Logic lp:12-linear.pdf  

Tue Nov 25 Reading Day (no class)   Homework 9
Thu Nov 27 Thanksgiving Holiday    

Tue Dec 2 Lax Logic [Pfenning01], Sec 7-8  
Thu Dec 4 Authorization Logic [Garg06] Homework 10

Final, Tue Dec 9, 8:30am-11:30am, PH A19    

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Frank Pfenning