15-317 Constructive Logic

Handout and notes for individual lectures can be found on the schedule or with the summary for each lecture.

The handout Constructive Logic contains a complete set of notes as of the indicated date.
This includes all incremental handouts with possible corrections and updates.
Note that incremental handouts are not corrected on-line.
The complete set of notes from Fall 2000 may be of some limited use, because notation, coverage, and other details may be different for this instance of the course.

Date Handout Note

Dec 28, 2000 Constructive Logic Complete set of notes for Fall 2000, except for lectures 7, 8, and 23
Sep 21, 2000 Classical and Constructive Logic Notes on Lectures 7 and 8 from Fall 2000, by Jeremy Avigad

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Frank Pfenning