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Planning and Plan Recognition Systems


   3plan/     3plan: SNLP, TOCL, and TOPI planners
   abtweak/   ABTWEAK: Nonlinear planning with abstraction
   build/     BUILD: A blocks-world planner
   buridan/   BURIDAN: Extension of SNLP that models 
              probabilistic conditional outcomes.
   idm/       IDM: STRIPS-like planning
   nonlin/    NONLIN: Hierarchical, non-linear planner.
   prodigy/   Prodigy: Integrated Planning and Learning System
   snlp/      SNLP: Domain-Independent Systematic Nonlinear 
   soar/      Soar: Integrated Agent Architecture
   spa/       SPA: Systematic Plan Adaptor
   ucpop/     UCPOP: Partial Order Planner
This directory contains planning and plan recognition software systems.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Planning
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