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ABTWEAK: Nonlinear planning with abstraction

ABTWEAK is a complete hierarchical, non-linear planner that extends David Chapman's (MIT 1986) TWEAK planner as described by Yang (Waterloo) and Tenenberg (Rochester) in 1989. This implementation includes a complete search strategy suited to abstraction hierarchies known as LEFT-WEDGE (Woods 1991). This planner and related work predates that of SNLP. The planning language is the first order predicate logic without quantifiers and logical connectives. Given an initial state description and a goal state description, represented as sets of literals, it finds a partially ordered, least-committed set of operators to achieve the goal. It is correct in that every solution plan found necessarily solves the goal from the initial state, and complete in that it will terminate with a solution if one exists. Also, source, all related papers, and manuals are available via WWW at the home page of Steve Woods on URL or via the Logic Programming and Artificial Intelligence Group (LPAIG) page on URL

Version: v93 (19-APR-93) Requires: Common Lisp Ports: Tested in Allegro CL, KCL, Lucid CL Copying: Please let the author know if you're using ABTWEAK, so he can maintain a list of people who may be using it. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Steven Woods, Qiang Yang, Josh Tenenberg Contact: Qiang Yang Computer Science Department University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3G1 Steven Woods or Keywords: ABTWEAK, Authors!Tenenberg, Authors!Woods, Authors!Yang, Lisp!Code, Planning, Univ. of Waterloo References: Steven Woods, Qiang Yang, and Josh Tenenberg, "Evaluating the Utility of Goal Protection and Search Strategies in Abstract Planning", unpublished, January, 1991. Qiang Yang, Josh Tenenberg, Steven Woods, "Abstraction in Nonlinear Planning", University of Waterloo Technical Report CS-92-32, 1992. [An enhanced version of this paper is available by email from Steven Woods.] Steven Woods, "An Implementation and Evaluation of a Hierarchical Nonlinear Planner", Masters Thesis, University of Waterloo Technical Report CS-91-17, April 1991. Steven Woods, Overview of Chapman's work on TWEAK, November, 1989. Yang and Tenenberg, "AbTweak: Abstracting a Nonlinear, Least Commitment Planner", in Proceedings of AAAI-90, 1990. David Chapman, "Planning for Conjunctive Goals", AI Journal 32:333-377, 1987.
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