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SPA: Systematic Plan Adaptor

This directory contains SPA (Systematic Plan Adaptor), a Lisp case-based planning system. SPA is a domain-independent algorithm for case-based plan adaptation that is sound, complete, and systematic. Since SPA is sound, every plan it returns is guaranteed to achieve the goal. Since the algorithm is complete, it is guaranteed to find a plan if one exists, regardless of the initial plan returned from the library. Systematicity guarantees that SPA explores the space of partially specified, incomplete plans avoiding redundant or wasted effort. The algorithm provides an excellent vehicle for further study, particularly on issues involving the role of heuristic and problem-specific knowledge in the planning process.

Version: 4-NOV-92 Requires: Common Lisp Copying: If you are using a copy of SPA, please send mail to CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Hanks, S. and Weld, D. Keywords: Authors!Hanks, Authors!Weld, Case-Based Planning, Lisp!Code, Planning, SPA, Systematic Plan Adaptor References: Hanks, S. and Weld, D., ``The Systematic Plan Adaptator: A Formal Foundation for Case-Based Planning'', University of Washington CSE Technical Report 92-09-04. Hanks, S. and Weld, D., ``Systematic Adaptation for Case-Based Planning,'' First International Conference on AI Planning Systems, College Park, Maryland, June 1992. Hanks, S. and Weld, D., ``The Systematic Plan Adaptor'', University of Washington CSE Technical Report 92-07-06, July 1992.
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