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Soar: Integrated Agent Architecture


   neomycin/  NeoMycin: Medical expert implemented in Soar
   soar5/     Soar: Integrated Agent Architecture
   soar6/     Soar: Integrated Agent Architecture

      /afs/ -- Lisp Version
      /afs/ -- C Version
This directory contains Lisp and C versions of Soar. Soar is an integrated agent architecture that supports learning through chunking.
References: Although the software is in the public domain, the manual remains under copyright. To obtain one (at no charge) send a request (including your physical mail address) to or to the physical address above. Requires: Common Lisp, C Copying: Public Domain CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: To be added to the soar-group mailing list, send mail to [Note: The 's' at the end of soar-requests is intentional.] Contact: The Soar Group School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891 Keywords: Agent Architectures, C!Code, Chunking, Lisp!Code, Machine Learning, Planning, Public Domain, Soar
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