Agent Storm is a RETSINA agent scenario where agents autonomously coordinate their team-oriented roles and actions while executing a mission in the ModSAF (Modular Semi-Automated Forces) simulation environment.  
The RETSINA Semantic Web Calendar Agent provides interoperability between RDF based calendar descriptions on the web, and Personal Information Manager (PIM) Systems such as Microsoft's Outlook.
The Aircraft Maintenance System is wearable software that uses RETSINA agents to assist in the process of documenting and making repairs to aircraft.
The COALA book buying coalitions are our initial application of Virtual Coalitions in Ecommerce. Our book-buying coalitions incorporate PiPL Protocol Definition Language, and involve a coalition server, several suppliers' agents, an auctioneer agent, and a web-based interface for users.
The RETSINA Demining System is a robotic demining system developed as part of a multi-agent application (AgentStorm) for assisting human commanders in command and control scenarios.
Joccasta is a multi-disciplinary research project designed to increase the effectiveness of team decision making in joint planning tasks. Click here to go directly to our MURI Project Page.
MIGSOCK - Socket Migration: MIGSOCK is a solution to the problem of socket migration. MIGSOCK provides a Linux kernel module that re-implements TCP to make migration possible.
MOCHA is a multi-agent system for "Anyware" communications and display--a mobile communications network that runs on any platform and reaches users anywhere. Using MOCHA, human users create personal agents who perform communications and planning tasks that humans could not otherwise accomplish.

MokSAF is a software environment for route planning and team coordination.
The MORSE Simulation Environment is a distributed agent-based system that simulates a team-oriented task of range operations during space launch that must be completed by a team of human subjects, with each being responsible for a specific part of the task. The goal of this research is to (i) develop cognitive models that can allow the simulation of human teams without requiring large numbers of human subjects, (ii) understand team behavior to allow development and support of human-agent teams and (iii) to improve the performance of teams in complex tasks by modifying behavior of team members, role and task allocation, and by tweaking the task itself.
NEO is a Multi-Agent, Multi-Agent System demonstration of agent technology in a Non-combatant Evacuation Operation.
  SCRIPTOR is programming by demonstration to extract web page content.
TextMiner is a text classification agent application for Intelligent Agent portfolio management.
Urban Search and Rescue. To address the challenges of Urban Search and Rescue, we propose Hybrid Teams of Autonomous Agents: Cyber Agents, Robots and People (CARPs) consisting of large number of these entities that are distributed in space, time, capability, and roles.
  Visitor-Hoster: The Visitor-Hoster system is designed to help a human secretary organize a visit in an academic environment.
Warren is a portfolio management application that uses a distributed agent architecture to access information resources already available over the Internet.
WebMate is a personal agent for World-Wide Web browsing that enhances searches and learns user interests.

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