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  • What states are using Straight Party Voting?, Guy Lancaster
  • Hamilton Recount - Ward 9 Councillor, Greg Forsythe
  • DRE systems can't be trusted???, Guy Lancaster
  • NEWS: MIT, Caltech join forces to develop reliable, uniform US voting machine, Guy Lancaster
  • Windows 2000, Nel Finberg
  • 2000 Christmas Card, John McLaurin
  • TS text for Alameda, Tari Runyan
  • Demo Ballot Request, John McLaurin
  • Nichols Certification Stopped?, Steve Knecht
  • Card Encoder, Ken Clark
  • FW: What Does ROTFL mean?, Mike Brown
  • info from ABC news, Tari Runyan
  • Fw: SOV and Absentees, Steve Knecht
  • Re: Anchorage, Ken Clark

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