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RE: Demo Ballot Request

How many ballots do you need  (i.e., what do you mean by "a small number")?
The reason I ask is that I have a number of folded (and in envelopes) Spectrum ballots, but they are Marin County ballot styles from Nov 7 election.  They are blank and sealed in envelopes (part of test we are conducting).  You would have to ask Steve Knecht if it would be appropriate to use some of these ballots for your demonstration.  They are printed with a light blue color in the header and watermarks of the county logo across the page.
I've got some available but it's up to Steve Knecht and his customer as to whether I can release them.
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Yes,  I was going to have spectrum print a small number of ballots and test deck.  Do you have something along the lines mentioned earlier with colors and test decks?


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sure - what state - we have California - lots of them -  will you have spectrum print them?


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Subject: Demo Ballot Request


Happy Holidays to one and all.

The Florida Conference convenes in late January.  I am looking for a ballot(s) to demonstrate there.  I would like to include Spectrums unique capabilities, i.e. variable data, colors, pre marked test decks etc.

Do any of you have a database that would be helpful.