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RE: Hamilton Recount - Ward 9 Councillor

Is a change of six ballots in seven precincts when 7K plus ballots were counted necessarily dropped ballots when you factor in operator/poll worker error in handling jammed ballots?


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Subject: Hamilton Recount - Ward 9 Councillor


Eight Accu-Votes were used in Ward 9.  One Advance Poll and seven election day polls.


The 8 Accu-Votes in Ward 9 counted 7,652 ballots with 159 Blank Voted on election day.  Ballot boxes sealed.


The same 8 Accu-Votes counted 7,658 ballots with 119 Blank Voted for the Recount. 

The first place candidate received 22 additional votes, 

second place candidate increased by 14 votes

and third place increased by 10 votes. 

Although the winner remained, the difference increased from 64 votes to 72 votes.


Conclusion - There were 6 dropped ballots and 46 votes not counted on election day that were subsequently counted when the race was isolated.

The ovals were separate and red, not thick.

Pens were Sanford Express Medium tip.  They should have been bold tip.

Ballots were cut showing timing marks in four corners.  There were some that were not cut correctly and were culled before the election.


Scary stuff.  

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