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RE: Nichols Certification Stopped?

It does appear to be accurate based on the sources quoted (Nichols, Election Center) and also current information based on the dates quoted (Dec 15, 2000).  I'm not familiar with "The Bell"'s integrity; perhaps someone else can attest to that.   However, the article does include a statement from Nichols (CSC) stating that "they will finish existing work; they are no longer accepting new applications."
This doesn't bode well for any new revisions of GEMS that would require new applications for certification. 
Charlie:  Can the current Nichols contract be held open to include later revisions of GEMS even after they have finished testing the revision they are now working on?  Until a new software certification shop is named by the authorities, it would be of great benefit to us if we could keep our "Nichol's window" open.
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Maybe this is inaccurate or old information, but didn't we just discuss this in our sales meeting last week?  The following article is from "The Bell" indicates that Nichols is no longer certifying software.  Charlie? Comments anyone?