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September 2012: More Quackery from the Wacky Water Boys

Former ATG employees David Gann and Shui-Yin Lo are at it again. After the Meridian Sciences debacle of 2009, they began operating via some new web sites: and Now they're suggesting their magic goop might be used to treat autism! What a shame it can't treat rampant kookery.

Feb. 2009: Oh no! They're at it again!

Former ATG employees David Gann and Shui-Yin Lo are once again trying to sell investors on the power of their magic crystals. Their new venture is called Meridian Sciences. Same old scam in a shiny new bottle.


October, 2001: with ATG now on the verge of collapse, the problems with this company are apparent to most. This web page is no longer updated regularly. It is preserved here as a historical archive of some of the issues and events surrounding ATG.


(Old) News Flash

#1. Lo replies to Engelking. You can read the raw text version transcribed by John Collins, now. It has a few problems. A corrected and properly-typeset version will be coming soon, along with commentary by your humble webmaster. (May 3, 2000)

#2. The end is near! ATEG's offices are for sale or rent. Both the main building and the adjacent one in which they had some space. Guess they'll be moving operations into Larry Brady's basement now. The sign says:

Eric Larson
John Minervini
Cushman &
(April 27, 2000)

#3. Paul Engelking debunks IE crystals. The Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oregon explains exactly how Lo's theory violates the laws of thermodynamics. Here are two more nicely formatted versions where the equations are easier to read: Postscript, PDF. Also see the Engelking Affidavit. (March 11, 2000)

Archive of old news flashes
Last updated May 9, 2000. Analyst report: Stevens Monte. Hot: The Oregon Files.
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A note about acronyms: American Technologies Group (OTC: ATEG) commonly goes by "ATG". But their stock symbol is "ATEG" because only companies listed on the NYSE or AMEX can have three-letter symbols. ATG is not even listed on NASDAQ; it is a bulletin board stock. And another, unrelated company already has the "ATG" symbol. So many folks refer to ATG as ATEG, and their domain name is


Cast of Characters

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The IE Crystals Scam

Ice is crystallized water. Shui-Yin Lo claims to have discovered a new form of ice that is stable at room temperatures, and that has miraculous properties which are exploited in various products from ATG. The term "IE crystals" denotes "(I)ce formed under an (E)lectric field." Is this a legitimate discovery, mere pseudoscience, or outright fraud? Here's some information to help you decide.

The TradeNet/ATG Laundry Ball Scam

TradeNet was a multi-level marketing company that sold laundry balls based on ATG's IE crystals.

The Coming Health Products Scam: This Could Be Big!

This is a three-way cooperative scam. ATG supplies the underlying "technology", Integral Health manufactures the products, and 21st Century operates an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) network to sell the products.

"The Force" or "The Farce"? - The Engine Sausage Scam

One of ATG's "IE crystal" consumer products is "The Force", a sausage-shaped pack which is placed in a car's air filter and supposedly releases an "airborne fuel additive" into the system. ATG claims that the product is a catalyst which enhances combustion and increases engine performance.

The BASER Scam

The BASER is ATG's term for a Bose-Einstein condensate laser. ATG claims the device has the potential to neutralize dangerous nuclear waste.

Loose Ends

  1. Where are the IE crystal patents? ATG has been claiming since early 1998 to have ``secured the patents'' on IE crystals, but we found no such patents in the IBM patents database until February 16, 1999. So far, only that one patent has been awarded.
  2. Who is Frances T. Phalen? ATG's S-8 filing with the SEC, 4/7/98 contains a consulting agreement signed with Mr. Phalen. Check out the SEC Investigation of Mr. Phalen for financial fraud committed in 1993-1994, while he was CFO of Aura Systems, Inc.
  3. What is SOL-3? The name of this company came up in our investigation of ATG.

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