Dr. Shui-Yin Lo of ATG:

Unauthorized Biography

According to the ATG web site:

PhD in Physics from University of Chicago, 1966.
Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne (Australia) circa 1985.
Moved to southern California in 1987.
Joined ATG in 1993.
Visiting associate, Caltech, 1997.

Patents Held by Dr. Lo:

None of these patents have anything to do with IE crystals. Several relate to the BASER.
  1. 5397901 Forming charges in a fluid and generation of a charged beam.
  2. 5173610 Forming charges in liquid and generation of charged clusters.
  3. 5059866 Method and apparatus for cooling electrons, ions or plasma.
  4. 5038111 Particle accelerator.
  5. 4995699 Electrically conductive solution comprised of charged boson ions.
  6. 4940893 Method and apparatus for forming coherent clusters.
  7. 4926436 Accelerator for coherent bosons.
  8. 4875213 Method and apparatus for generating coherent bosons.

Publications (1984 onward)

Back to American Technologies Group. ATG was a publicly-traded company that marketed products based on fraudulent scientific claims about "IE crystals", which were supposedly discovered by Dr. Lo.

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