15-446: Distributed Systems Syllabus


There are no official texts for the course. We recommend that you get one of the following:


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights:

The quizzes will be in-class, one near midterm and one near the end of the semester.

There will be two projects in 15-446. The first will be done independently by each student while the second project will be done in groups. The second project will be self-defined project. The project requires a proposal, a project status report, and a final report (both written and presented). We will provide a set possible project ideas but you are welcome to propose your own (as long as we approve it :-))

There will be a few problem sets assigned during the term. Problem sets will be a mix of theory and hands-on programming assignments.


Also available as an ical file that you can subscribe to.

Date Topics Notes Readings
Tue 01/13 Class organization and overview
[pdf] [pptx]
TV Chap 1,2
CDK Chap 1,2
Wed 01/14 First week of class, no recitation
Thu 01/15 A best effort world, placement of function (reliability, security, etc.)
[pdf] [pptx]
Read the End-to-End Arguments paper (Saltzer84)
if you haven't seen it before.
Tue 01/20 Networking Background
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 4.1
CDK Chap 3
Wed 01/21
Thu 01/22 Android Overview (Dongsu)
Tue 01/27 Wireless Networking
[pdf] [pptx]
Wed 01/28
Thu 01/29 Naming & Discovery
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 5.1, 5.3-5.5
Tue 02/03 Remote Procedure Call
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 4.2
CDK Chap 5
Wed 02/04
Thu 02/05 Time - physical time, NTP
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 6.1
CDK Chap 11.1-11.3
Tue 02/10 Time - logical time
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 6.2
CDK Chap 11.4-11.7
Wed 02/11
Thu 02/12 Replication and Consistency
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 7.1-7.3
CDK Chap 15
Tue 02/17 Replication and Consistency
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 7.3-7.6
Wed 02/18
Thu 02/19 CDNs and replication
[pdf] [pptx]
Tue 02/24 Security - Channel
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 9.1, 9.2
CDK 7.1-7.5
Wed 02/25
Mon 03/02 Finish Project 1
NSH 3002 @4:30pm
Mon 03/02 Midterm Review
[pdf] [pptx]
in NSH 3002 at 4:30pm
Wed 03/04 No recitation
(we're grading midterms and you're tired!)
Thu 03/05 Security - Access Control
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 9.3, 9.4
CDK 7.5-7.7
Tue 03/10 Spring Break
Wed 03/11 Spring Break
Thu 03/12 Spring Break
Tue 03/17 Fault Tolerance - BFT
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 8.1-8.3
CDK 12.1-12.5
Wed 03/18
Thu 03/19 Transactions
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 8.6-8.7
Tue 03/24 Distributed File Systems
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 11.1-11.4
CDK Chap 8
Wed 03/25
Thu 03/26 Distributed File Systems - Disconnected Operation
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 11.4-11.9
CDK 15.4
Tue 03/31 P2P systems - DHT
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 5.1
CDK 10.1-10.4
Wed 04/01 Group Communication - multicast
[pdf] [pptx]
CDK 10.4-10.7
Thu 04/02 Group Communication - multicast/pubsub
[pdf] [pptx]
TV 4.5, 8.4
CDK 12.4-12.6
Tue 04/07 Sensor Networks
[pdf] [pptx]
CDK 16.6
Wed 04/08
Thu 04/09 Travel
Tue 04/14 Localization
[pdf] [pptx]
Wed 04/15
Thu 04/16 Carnival
Tue 04/21
Wed 04/22 Adaptive Applications
[pdf] [pptx]
Thu 04/23 Cluster Computing - mapreduce/bigtable
[pdf] [pptx]
CDK 16.4
Tue 04/28 Cluster Computing - other, VMs, power, networking
[pdf] [pptx]
Wed 04/29
Thu 04/30 Social Networks
[pdf] [pptx]
Sun 05/03 Project writeups due
Thu 05/07 Final Review
[pdf] [pptx]
Fri 05/08 Final Exam 9:30-11:30AM

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