The Joust

  • Starting
    1. Before each contest, the starting gate will be raised, and a three-sided sizing box will be placed over the starting area, shielding the top, left, right, and front sides from view. Each contestant will then have 60 seconds to position and prepare their JoustBot within the starting area, using the rear-facing 1ft x 1ft opening.
    2. Once both contestants are ready (or at the end of 60 seconds), the sizing boxes will be lifted off, and the contestants will exchange ends, standing behind their own finish line.
    3. JoustBots must be capable of remaining within their starting box before the start gate drops. They may push against the starting gate, but the pushing force cannot exceed 2 lbs. Damaging or marring the painted gate surface is not permitted.
    4. To start the contest, a judge will activate the start gates, simultaneously dropping them down into horizontal position. The dropping of the gate will signal the start to each vehicle, so each vehicle should be equipped with an electrical switch, mechanical trip or other mechanism that initiates operation. No other external signals will be permitted.

  • Finishing
    1. A JoustBot wins the contest by completely passing through its own finish window in less than 30 seconds and before its opponent crosses the other finish window. (also see #10)
    2. JoustBots are not constrained to stay within the bounds of the arena, as long as they pass through their own finish window from the proper direction.
    3. If neither JoustBot completely crosses its finish line after 30 seconds, a measurement will be made from the furthest point of each JoustBot to the finish window. The JoustBot whose furthest point is closest to its own finish window will be declared the winner. A JoustBot which ends up outside the arena without having crossed through the finish window will forfeit the round.
    4. Contestants are encouraged to catch their JoustBots after it has completely crossed the finish line in order to prevent it from dropping to the ground.

  • Winning
    1. The tournament will be run in double-elimination fashion with random pairings until all but one JoustBot has been eliminated.