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vMobot Announcements 2020

  • vMobot EXHIBITION / Demo Day :
    Thursday, 16 April 2020, 4:45 pm
    Normally: Race Course in Front of Wean Hall
    vMobot: Demo Course at your isolated, socially distanced location

  • To Demo/Exhibit a vMobot - Send mail to

    Registration Form (Same as last year is fine to use. A special year.)
    Exhibition Race Day Course Map As reference

    The map is an image of our outdoor race course. We know it won't be possible to get it exactly right, so be creative with your course. Include gates, curves, hills and obstacles to demonstrate whatever your vMObot can do!

    Contestant and (registered) Audience Participation Site for Exhibition Day!

    Oh yes, we like this old format. It's a bit of history for our alums.

The School of Computer Science invites all members of the Carnegie Mellon community to participate in The 26th Annual Carnegie Mellon But First Ever vMobot Exhibition, in Spring 2020 (April 16!).

The normal race: participants race autonomous vehicles ("MObile roBOTs") they have built along a slalom-type course on the paved walk in front of Wean Hall. This year's exhibition leaves it up to you and/or your remote team, isolated family, friends, or socially distanced alums to craft a course worthy of your vMobot and best demonstrates its virtuosity, whatever level! Remembers, make it hands-free using whatever technology you can come up with. We are flexible on the scope of autonmous this year!

The purpose of the competition is to generate technological excitement, provide hands-on experience for our undergraduates, and showcase the cleverness and technical competence of Carnegie Mellon undergraduates and other community members (including alumni). We hope to stimulate inter-disciplinary activity toward producing something that is technically noteworthy, clever, or simply fun, at whatever your level of expertise.

Remember, you craft the course, with whatever distances you can create in the space you have. Build your vMobot using whatever tools, parts, can pull together!

The vMobot Slalom Race

Race autonomous vehicles (MObile roBOTs) along a slalom course in your room, on your driveway, in your garage, or an isolated, socially distanced space of your choosing. Rugged terrains are welcomed, but have a beginning and clear end point to your course. Overviews of the course you design are welcomed.

The MoboJoust Competition

A head-to-head competition between autonomous vehicles resembling two knights battling on horseback.
NOT an option in 2020.