21 April 2017

Open to all members of the Carnegie Mellon Community

The School of Computer Science invites all members of the CMU community to participate in the 23rd Annual CMU Mobot Slalom Race in the spring of 2017. MOBOT (MObile roBOTs) entrants race autonomous vehicles along a slalom course on the paved walk in front of Wean Hall. The course consists of a series of gates connected by a wavy, painted stripe. Vehicles will be judged on their ability to navigate sequentially through the gates.

The Very Late Fall Open House will be held in November 2016 and the Spring Information Session in January 2017. Two official competitions will be held during the Spring Semester: the $99 Mini Challenge and Clinic on Wednesday, April 12; and the final competition during Spring Carnival, on Friday, April 20. The preliminary competition will provide an opportunity for contestants to run the course under race conditions, and will encourage early development of vehicles.