1. The arena will be made available for testing and measurement at least 21 days before the contest. Approximate specifications are detailed in points 2-7, but subtle differences may exist between the specs and the physical arena. The contest will be run on the arena as displayed.
  2. The arena consists of a 49"x96" playing area. The surface is flat and fairly smooth, consisting of sections of plastic melamine and painted plywood. There are some small gaps in the surface, all of which are less than 1/8" wide.
  3. The arena is bounded on the sides by clear Lexan walls, 2ft high. Joustbots may come into contact with and push against the walls.
  4. A start/finish window will be designated at a distance of 1ft from each end of the arena. The window will be marked with painted lines on the floor and walls of the arena, and by a horizontal bar across the top at a height of 2ft from the floor.
  5. A 1ft x 1ft starting box will be marked behind each start line, centered along the arena's width.
  6. The ends of the arena are open. A 1ft-wide catch net will be positioned below each end of the arena, to protect JoustBots from falling if they run off of the edge.
  7. At the front of each start box, along the starting line, is a 1ft square movable start gate. The gate will initially be positioned in an upright, vertical position. At the start of the contest, the gate will quickly drop down into a horizontal position, flush with the rest of the arena surface.

Sample Spectator Map