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Belgium back to top
Background info
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News and Events
  • September 1985 - Narconon Belgium dissolved and replaced with Church of Scientology anti-drugs campaign.
  • April 1997 - Belgian parliamentary committee reports on sect activities, including Narconon's:

"The speaker [J.A. Fisch, of the "Circle of Defence of the Individual and Family" organisation] knows a young man from Vianden who paid 250,000 francs with Narconon for a cure of detoxification which finally lasted only three days: he fled and died of an overdose ... the witness affirms that too high amounts of products, like niacin and [Oxadylène], are given to certain people so as to break their resistance and to convince them to remain [with Narconon]...

The [Narconon] organisation, a scientologist association providing assistance to drug addicts, was dissolved in September 1985. It seems to have been replaced by a new structure, "Yes to life, not to drugs", under the direction of Flavio Spirito and Ludo Vermeulen. From now on, Scientology launched a "fight against drugs" campaign [apparently the "Drug Free Marshals" campaign known in the US] in primary school classes in the three areas of the country [Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels]. Small sheriffs' stars are distributed to the children who commit themselves to not taking drugs. Within the framework of this programme, representatives of the Church of Scientology tried, on several occasions, to obtain the collaboration of the communal authorities and the gendarmerie... Thus, they contacted representatives of the legal district of Arlon, asking to come into contact with the burgomaster [mayor] and the aldermen.

The state prosecutor was however alerted in good time. They also tried to give conferences to Saint-Léger, Couvin and Dison. By deceit, they succeeded in ensnaring a gendarmerie squad from Leuwen which, ignorant as to with whom it was dealing, took part in the programme in Flemish schools.

Taken at face value, the goal of this programme is very positive but its true outcome would be to conduct a promotional campaign of information on Scientology in order to recruit new members.

According to a witness, true anti-drug associations declare their opposition to this approach and want this field to be entrusted to genuine specialists and not to organizations such as the Church of Scientology. If the program of weaning developed by R. Hubbard can give results for certain drug addicts, it makes these detoxificated easy prey, more vulnerable to mental manipulation."

[Chamber of Representatives, Belgium - Ordinary Session 1996-97, April 28 1997 - "Parliamentary Enquiry to work out a policy to combat illegal sect activities and the danger they represent, particularly to minors"]

Croatia back to top
Background info
  • Narconon Croatia
    Via G. Tromba 26
    Sisan 52100 Pula
    Phone: 385-5257-4707
    Fax: 385-5257-4704
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Czech Republic back to top
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Denmark back to top
Background info
  • The Continental Liaison Office for Narconon Europe is located in Denmark, not far from the Church of Scientology's Continental Liaison Office in central Copenhagen.
News and Events
  • 1986 - Narconon Denmark established in Skellingsted.

France back to top
Background info
  • Narconon Leman
    Le Clos Belle Vue
    Le Mont Bene
    74420 Saxel
News and Events
  • 1987 - Narconon France established near Lake Geneva.

Germany back to top
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News and Events
  • 1989 - Narconon North Germany established near Hamburg.
  • 21 October 1991 - The news magazine Der Spiegel publishes a highly critical exposé of Narconon.
    (Source: Der Spiegel, 21 October 1991)
  • 1995 (exact date unknown) - Narconon North Germany applies for recognition as a non-profit group but is turned down. After the death of the centre's former director, the state attorney for Schleswig-Holstein opens an investigation; no foul play is discovered.
    (Source: Landeszeitung Schleswig-Holstein, 15 August 1996)
  • 15 August 1996 - The Schleswig-Holstein "sect commissioner" announces that Narconon North Germany is to be closed down for "unacceptable" activities. (Narconon somehow manages to dodge the bullet, however.)
    (Source: Landeszeitung Schleswig-Holstein, 15 August 1996)
  • 14 August 1998 - Scientology launches a "Crusade Week" against drugs in Hanover, advertising the detoxification "sweat cure" delivered by Narconon North Germany.
    (Source: Hannoverische Allgemeinen Zeitung-Magazin, 14 August 1998)
  • 14 September 1998 - The Metzinger Südwestpresse reports on a family broken up after a Narconon client "disconnects" from her father, in line with L. Ron Hubbard policy on dealing with "potential trouble sources".
    (Source: Metzinger Südwestpresse, 14 September 1999)
  • 13 July 2001 - Scientologists are revealed to be behind an anti-drugs campaign in the town of Erfenbach. The government of Baden-Wuerttemburg urgently warns people against using Narconon.
    (Source: Die Rheinpfalz, 13 July 2001)

Hungary back to top
Background info
  • Narconon Hungary
    1245 Budapest PF 1090
    Phone: 361-311-6570
    Fax: 361-342-3377
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Ireland back to top
Background info
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News and Events
  • 14 May 1997 - Narconon Ireland is registered as company no. 266352.
  • October 1998 - Irish Department of Health says it will investigate Narconon following complaints by "concerned cult watchers". Apparently those who sign up with Narconon Ireland are flown to the Netherlands for "treatment".
    ("Cult Watchers Focus Sights on Drug Centre", The Mirror, 3 October 1998)
  • 16 February 2001 - Narconon Ireland is dissolved.

Italy back to top
Background info
  • Narconon Italy (National Office)
    Asociazione Per Un Futuro Migliore
    Via Cadamosto, 8
    20129 Milano, Italy
    Phone: 39-0229-518920
    Fax: 39-0229-511177
  • L'Associazione Narconon 'Il Gabbiano
    Contrada Sentinella
    Torre Dell'Orso
    Lecce 73020
    Phone: 39-0832-841556
    Fax: 39-0832-841856
  • Narconon Pordenone Drug Prevention
    Via Boite 4
    Porcia, Pordenone 33080
    Phone: 39-0434-363661
  • Narconon Alfiere
    Via Montefeltro 16/2
    Phone: 39-0721-404074
  • Narconon Padova Drug Prevention
    Via Friuli 20
    Bassano del Grappa
    Padova, Italy
    Phone: 39-333-3122203
  • Narconon Grifone
    Via Gallinaio 29
    Aci Castello (Catania) 95020
    Phone: 3909-527-9386
  • Narconon Astore
    Via Necropoli 22
    Novilara (Pesaro) 61020
    Phone: 3907-21287114
    Fax: 3907-21286996
  • Narconon Albatros
    SS 18
    Campora S. Giovanni 18
    Cozenza, Italy
    Phone: 39-0982-48486
    Fax: 39-0982-48949
  • Narconon Falco
    Altilia, Cozenza
    Phone: 39-09840964729
    Fax: 39-0984-964570
  • Narconon Rondine
    Montalto Uffugo
    Rende, Cosenza
    Phone: 39-328-3369832
News and Events
  • February 1995 - Two clients of Narconon Taceno (now closed?), Paride Ella and Giuseppe Tomba, die within a short time of each other, from kidney failure and a heart attack respectively. (Source: Corriere della Sera, 20 February 1995)
  • October 1998 - "Federica", a female client of L'Associazione Narconon 'Il Gabbiano, dies of peritonitis. (Source: La Repubblica, 11 October 2002)

Netherlands back to top
Background info
  • Due to the apparent ban on Narconon course delivery in the United Kingdom, many UK and Irish Narconon clients have been flown to the Netherlands to be "treated" there.
  • Narconon Holland
    Deventerweg 93
    7203 AD Zutphen
    Phone & Fax: 315-755-42362
News and Events
  • 27 February 2001 - Minister Dr. E. Borst of the Netherlands Department of Public Health rejects the idea of a public subsidy for Narconon's activities.
    (Source: De Telegraaf, 27 February 2001)

Norway back to top
Background info
  • ?
News and Events
  • February 1998 - Oslo's Chief of Schools warns against Narconon being allowed to lecture in schools. Narconon protests that it has "no connection whatsoever to the scientologists".
    (Source: Dagbladet, 2 February 1998)

Russia back to top
Background info
  • Russia is the administrative centre of the Church of Scientology's (and Narconon's) "continental unit" for the Commonwealth of Independent States, the successor to the Soviet Union.
  • Narconon Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
    433514 Ulyanovskaya,
    Dimitrovgrad Set.
    Pereulok Lugovoy 1, Russia
    Phone: 7(901)947-57-06
  • Narconon Dimitrovgrad
    433514 Ulyanovskaya,
    Dimitrovgrad Set.
    Pereulok Lugovoy 1, Russia
    Phone: 7(84235) 67077
  • Narconon Ekaterinburg
    620027B Ekaterinburg,
    Papanina Str 9, Russia
    Phone: 7 3432 70 1953,
News and Events
  • 1991 - Russian Academy of Sciences funds the experimental use of the Purification Rundown for the "detoxification" of Chernobyl victims. The project is supervised by three senior Scientologists - David and Sheila Gaiman, and Dorothy West.
  • 1993 - Narconon Moscow is established by Dr. Vladimir Ivanov, M.D., a senior Russian narcologist and former department head for medical and psychological care for the staff of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • 1994 - Narconon Moscow expands to become a full-scale residential centre.
  • 5 August 1994 - V.K. Agapov, the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Medical Industry, ratifies a set of "Recommendations of the techniques of the 'Detoxification Program'" in support of Narconon. These recommendations turn out later to be illegal.
  • 19 June 1996 - State support is withdrawn by A. D. Tsaregorodtsev, the Minister of Public Health and the Medical Industry. "[I]n order to bring the basic standards of the Ministry of Public Health and the Medical Industry into conformity with the current legislation" and "the propagation and use [in the public health system] of the techniques of detoxification and other techniques of Scientology and Dianetics arising from the teaching of R. Hubbard" is banned outright.
  • Sep 1998 - Anti-drug charity concert, Rock Fight-98, runs into controversy after it is revealed that the drug rehabilitation centre for which it is collecting money is run by Narconon. The Mayor of Moscow steps in to redirect the money to a more suitable recipient.
  • 2000? - Narconon is reported to have gained support from Inkombank and Unikombank.
  • June 2001 - Dr. Vladimir Ivanov resigns from Narconon, takes down its official Russian website (at and denounces Scientology in print and on the radio: "The so-called Church of Scientology flouts human rights and the rights of religious people in general by imposing a ban on a profession, by denying a person the right to defend his interests in the court of law, and by enslaving him with work for the benefit of its mercantile interests."
  • September 2002 - Narconon announces the opening of a new branch at Krasnoyarsk.

Spain back to top
Background info
  • Narconon Mediterraneo
    Autovia Seville Malaga KM 14,5
    41500 Alcala De Guadaira
    Seville, Spain
    Phone: 349-556-84600
    Fax: 349-556-86097
  • Narconon Los Molinos
    Villa Mari Solea,
    C/ San Nicholas S/N,
    28460 Los Molinos De Guadarrama
    Phone: 3491-855-0386
    Fax: 3491-855-0474
  • Narconon Retiro
    Chalet Herrera
    41500 Alcala De Guadaira
    Seville, Spain
News and Events
  • 1983 - Narconon established at Los Molinos (Madrid), Begues and Torrelles de Llobregat (both in Catalonia).
  • 27 July 1983 - Catalan Department of Health and Social Security issues a highly critical report following an inspection of the Begues facility. Narconon's practices and hygiene are strongly criticised and the facility is determined to be operating without permission. The Catalan government closes it down.
  • 23 October 1984 - Catalan Director General of Social Services condemns Narconon's remaining Catalan branch at Torrelles de Llobregat, near Barcelona, and recommends its closure.
  • 9 November 1984 - Catalan Director General of Health Promotion likewise condemns Narconon and recommends its closure.
  • 21 November 1984 - Narconon is closed down by the Calalan Government. The displaced branch apparently relocates to near Seville, Andalucia.
  • 1984-88 (?) - Narconon attempts to open branches at Mena (Éurgos), then in San Rafael (Segovia) and in Ituero and Lama (Segovia). All open without permission; all are shut down by the local authorities. Other branches are successfully established at Guadarrama (Madrid) and Carabaña (Madrid) but have since closed down. Another branch, at Cercedilla, Madrid, relocates to near Seville, Andalucia, and is still open.
  • 1986-87 - Narconon experiences considerable controversy after ex-clients and their relatives complain about being "defrauded".
  • Jan-May 1987 - Narconon commissions a study by Técnicos Asociados de Investigación y Marketing (TAIM) to "demonstrate that 60% of the students of Narconon really are rehabilitated ... we will be able to utilize this to show the effectiveness of our system [and defend] against the attacks on Narconon." The study duly shows a 78.37% success rate.
  • 21 November 1988 - An international convention of Scientologists is raided in Madrid on the orders of Judge of Instruction Jose Maria Vazquez Honrubia. All 72 foreign Scientologists in attendance are arrested, along with a number of Spanish members. The most notable of those arrested is the "Reverend" Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International. The arrests follow an investigation into Narconon which, according to the judge, has "swindled its clients and lured them into Scientology." The Spanish authorities freeze $1.76 million in Scientology and Narconon bank accounts; 11 Scientologists, including Jentzsch, are kept in jail; 61 are eventually released, 12 of whom are deported. Jentzsch is jailed for a further three weeks before being bailed for $1.1m, but has his passport confiscated and is confined to Spain for a further three months. He does not return to Spain, presumably forfeiting the bail as a result.
  • 1991 - National Court finds no evidence of fraud or financial crimes and sends the case back to the local court in Madrid.
  • 1994 - 21 people, including Jentzsch, are remanded for trial on charges concerning specific incidents or conduct linked to named individuals.
  • Dec 2001 - Madrid Provincial Court acquits 15 members and employees of the Spanish branch of Scientology who had been charged along with church. Jentzsch fails to turn up.
  • Feb 2002 - Trial begins of remaining defendants. Jentzsch again fails to turn up.
  • 22 March 2002 - Prosecutor decides that case cannot now be won and requests that it be "shelved".
  • 6 April 2002 - Court acquits Jentzsch and other defendants of all charges.

Sweden back to top
Background info
  • Narconon Sweden (National Office)
    Varbackavagan 1
    14300 Varbygard
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Phone: 468-710-9515
    Fax: 468-710-7210
  • Narconon Huddinge
    Varbackavagan 1
    14300 Varbygard
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Phone: 468-740-2601
    Fax: 468-710-2234
  • Narconon Västerås
    Allmogeplatsen 14
    72480 Västerås
    Tel: +46(0)21-35 74 70
  • Narconon Goteborg
    Torgatan 13
    41105 Goteborg
    Phone: 468-177-42565
    Fax: 463-171-13181
  • Narconon Eslov
    241 00 Eslov
    Phone: 464-131-6477
    Fax: 464-131-60636
  • Narconon Knutby
    Gransta 74012
News and Events
  • May 1981 - Peter Gerdman conducts a study of the effectiveness of the therapy given at Narconon Huddinge.
  • 1982 - Eslov (Malmo) branch opens
  • 1990 - Knutby (Uppsala) branch opens
  • April 1998 - Narconon suffers severe embarrassment when the media discovers that the Church of Scientology has been distributing a promotional video including footage of King Carl XVI Gustaf, with a voice-over saying: "Even His Highness King Carl Gustaf has realized that Sweden has a solution for drug abuse. It is called Narconon." Sweden is presented as a country swamped with drug addicts and suffering the highest rate of theft in the world. The footage turns out to be a decade old, and a spokeswoman for the Court states: "The Royal Couple does not support this organization in any way. We have made contact with Scientology and demanded that the segment with the Royal Couple be edited out."
    (Sources: TV4 News, Aftonbladet, Reuters, Berlin Kurier, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Nordsjernan - 5-8 April 1998)

Switzerland back to top
Background info
News and Events
  • 18 February 2002 - Complaints pour in to the Zurich police about Scientologists aggressively promoting an "anti-drugs" exhibition in the city.
    (Source: Tages-Anzeiger, 18 February 2002)

Ukraine back to top
Background info
  • Narconon Kharkov
    312150 Kharkov Oblast,
    Kominterna Str Nr 14, Ukraine
News and Events

United Kingdom back to top
Background info
  • Narconon is the only Scientology-related entity to have gained charitable status in the United Kingdom. The Church of Scientology itself was refused charitable status, partly on the grounds that its activities do not benefit the community.
  • Narconon United Kingdom
    Continental Office
    8 Spring Way
    East Grinstead, West Sussex
    England RH19 3EW
    Phone: 1342 312 459
  • Narconon Scotland
    The Whitehouse
    Main Street,
    West Linton Peebleshire
    Scotland EH46 7EA
    Phone: 01968 660736
    Fax: 01968 661894
News and Events
  • 1974 - Narconon established in East Grinstead, West Sussex - Scientology's worldwide headquarters.
  • 24 May 1974 - Narconon successfully obtains charitable status and become registered charity no. 267386.
  • 8 February 1994 - East Sussex County Council instructs schools to treat Narconon with caution and not make arrangements with the organisation without council clearance.
    (Letter of 8 February 1974)
  • March 1994 - Tower Hamlets Council places female alcoholic with Narconon but is unaware of the Scientology connection.
  • May 1994 - Tower Hamlets cuts off funding after it discovers Scientology connection.
    ("Storm over cult's alcoholic patient", The Independent, 31 May 1994)
  • February 1997 - "Addiction Recovery Training Services", apparently an alias or associate of Narconon, attempts to buy a disused nursing home in the North Yorkshire village of Burton Leonard. The villagers oppose the sale and buy the nursing home instead. Kenneth Eckersley of ARTS (a Scientologist - see denies links with Scientology: "We've even been accused of belonging to the Church of Scientology. It's just not true," which rather contradicts the statement of the Church of Scientology to The Guardian that "The training service is one of our sections."
    (Sources: Daily Mail, Guardian, Independent, 1 March 1997)
  • March 2001 - A man is convicted of a series of armed robberies in west Kent and East Sussex, carried out to fund his drug treatment following a spell at Narconon.
    (Source: Kent and East Sussex Courier and Sevenoaks Chronicle, March 2001)
  • 17 August 2001 - The Church of England attacks Scientology for its "irresponsible claims" and "disingenuous approach" in claiming to have "saved" 250,000 people from drugs, and asks the Advertising Standards Authority to investigate Scientology advertisements.
    (Source: Evening Mail, 17 August 2001; Christian Herald, 8 September 2001)
  • 31 August 2001 - Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, bans Scientologists from holding a promotional rally for Narconon in Trafalgar Square: "It would not be responsible for me to allow [the square] to be used to advertise a spurious medical programme which many drugs professionals are concerned about. Nothing about the activities of this group leads me to believe that this is anything other than a cynical method of promoting the Scientology creed."
    (News articles: Evening Standard, 31 August 2001)
  • 15 October 2001 - Narconon admits that it is interested in buying an old nursing home in Drybrook in the Forest of Dean but denies links with the Church of Scientology. Villagers are reportedly "appalled" and the local council says that it has never heard of Narconon.
    (Source: This Is Gloucestershire, 15 October 2001)