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"NARCONON" Drug Rehab Center to be Closed

Landeszeitung Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
August 15, 1996

Itzehoe: The drug rehabilitation center "Narconon" is to be closed. According to a statement by Hans-Peter Bartels, the state sect commissioner, the city of Itzehoe, Steinburg district, as well as the state administration of Schleswig-Holstein are unanimous in this decision. Bartels held a meeting in Itzehoe yesterday. "Narconon's activities are no longer acceptable," he disclosed to our newspaper.

Bartels believes that there is a direct connection between "Narconon" and the Scientology sect - which, along with the so-named "Abel" column, forms the three "columns" of the Scientology Empire. The state attorney was investigating the Itzehoe Center - the only "Narconon" branch in Germany - for violations of the laws of medical practice. The investigation into the death of the former director is now closed. The man definitely died as a result of illness. There was no evidence of foul play, according to the district attorney's office. The destiny of the Itzehoe Narconon management lies in the fact that they did not register their center as a business.

"Narconon" did not manage to be recognized as a non-profit group. A year ago, the Itzehoe State Court had already come to the decision that the application would be denied. The "Narconon" people did not voice an opinion. Speaker Slavi Ivanovic gave no comment to the state attorney's offices investigation. She conceded that part of the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard were used.