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About your 15-410 AFS Space
Here we explain the care and feeding of your 15-410 AFS volume. In the event of trouble, please (re-)read this for advice.
Simics Command Guide
Our guide to useful Simics commands
Intel x86 documentation
These three Intel reference guides are extremely comprehensive and actually very well written. Do take the time to look over them, they will be useful in doing each of your projects. These documents are hundreds of pages - do NOT attempt to print them out (at least, not on a campus printer).
  • Intel architecture guide. Explains the basic organization of the processor and fundamental concepts like the execution environment, procedure calls and interrupts, and I/O.

  • Intel instruction set reference. A long volume documenting each x86 instruction.

  • Intel system programming guide. Probably the most interesting of the three documents. Explains privilege levels, segmentation and paging, how to handle interrupts and exceptions, and a host of other things.
x86 Segmentation for the 15-410 student
We don't expect you to fully use the massive crushing power possessed by the IA32 memory management hardware, so you may find this Segmentation Handout useful.
Advice on the dreaded "triple fault"
"Triple fault" isn't a problem per se, but a general class of problems. You may wish to consult our Triple-Fault Advice Page.
PRCS revision control software
Doxygen Documentation System

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