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15-410 Schedule

Reading Assignments

This table is a guide to the expected reading sequence and approximate dates. You can use it to read ahead, which is an excellent idea.

First wave
Chapter 1 (Intro)
Chapter 2 (Computer-System Structures)
Chapter 3 (Operating-System Structures)
Chapter 13.1 (I/O Overview)
Chapter 13.2 (Hardware)
Chapter 13.3 (I/O interface)
Second wave
Chapter 4 (Process)
Skip 4.5 (IPC), 4.6 (Client-Server)
Chapter 5 (Thread)
Chapter 7 (Synchronization)
Skip 7.9 (Transactions)
Third wave
Chapter 7.4.3, 7.5.3 (Deadlock intro, assigned in Wave 2)
Chapter 8 (Deadlock)
Chapter 6 (Scheduling)
Chapter 9 (Memory Management)
Chapter 10 (Virtual Memory)
Fourth wave
Chapter 14 (Mass-Storage Structure)
Chapter 11 (File-System Interface)
Chapter 12 (File-System Implementation)
Fifth wave
Section 4.5 (IPC), 4.6 (Client-Server)
Chapter 18 (Protection)
Chapter 19 (Security)
Chapter 16 (Distributed File Systems)
Designing an Authentication System (optional, but fun)

Important Dates

At present these dates are tentative. This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. Tax and title fee extra. Some restrictions apply. Void where prohibited by law.

Item Out Due
Project 0 January 14 (Wednesday) January 21 (Wednesday)
Project 1 January 23 (Friday) February 2 (Monday)
Book Report January 30 (Friday) April 30 (Friday)
Project 2 February 4 (Wednesday) February 18 (Wednesday)
Project 3 February 20 (Friday) April 9 (Friday)
Mid-term Exam February 25 (Wednesday)
Spring Break March 5 (Friday) March 14 (Sunday)
Mid-term Grades March 8 (Monday)
Project 3 fork()/exec() checkpoint March 19 (Friday)
Project 3 due April 9 (Friday)
Project 3 overtime due date April 19 (Monday)
Project 4 April 12 (Monday) April 28 (Wednesday)
No class (Spring Carnival) April 16 (Friday)
Project 4 due April 28 (Wednesday)
Book Report due April 30 (Friday)
Last day of class

Final exam

You are responsible for checking the official CMU final exam schedule and immediately notifying instructors of all affected courses about any conflicts.

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