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Koh Jun Yong Timothy Teaching Assistant for Computer Science Department Gates and Hillman Centers

tkoh1 [atsymbol]

Kohanbash David Senior Research Programmer 2203 Newell-Simon Hall

dkohanba [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3856
Kolenich Peter Adjunct Instructor

kolenich [atsymbol]

(412) 268-5067
Kolter Zico Assistant Professor; Courtesy Faculty Member 7115 Gates and Hillman Centers

zkolter [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4733
Komanduri Saranga Graduate Student Collaborative Innovation Center

sarangak [atsymbol]

(412) 256-8375
Komisin Michael Research Programmer 2602G Newell-Simon Hall

mkomisin [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4427
Konduru Krishna Project Consultant 5325 Wean Hall

chetankk [atsymbol]

(412) 889-1111
Konduru Ram Director, Universal Digital Library Project 5321 Wean Hall

rk [atsymbol]

(412) 268-9847
Kong Soon Ho Graduate Research Assistant 7511 Gates and Hillman Centers

soonhok [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2582
Kong Lingpeng Graduate Research Assistant

lingpenk [atsymbol]

Kong Chen Robotics Institute 210 Smith Hall

chenk [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Konomis Dimitris Graduate Research Assistant 7703 Gates and Hillman Centers

dkonomis [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3077
Koontz Seth Lab Assistant 14 National Robotics Engineering Center

skoontz [atsymbol]

(412) 681-6289
Korein Max Robotics Institute 4211 Newell-Simon Hall

mkorein [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Kosbie David Associate Teaching Professor 5001 Gates and Hillman Centers

koz [atsymbol]

(412) 268-8034
Kosowski Mitchell Mrsd Teaching Assistant,RI

mkosowsk [atsymbol]

Kotaru Venkata Naga Research Assessor Gates and Hillman Centers

vkotaru [atsymbol]

Koutis Ioannis Adjunct Assistant Professor Gates and Hillman Centers

ikoutis [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2000
Koval Michael Robotics Institute 4524 Newell-Simon Hall

mkoval [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Kowalchuck Michael Senior Research Programmer 4107 Wean Hall

kf3cr [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4927
Kozar John Electronics Engineer 4631 Newell-Simon Hall

jkozar [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7955
Kraut Robert Herbert A. Simon Professor of Human-Computer Interaction 3515 Newell-Simon Hall

kraut [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7694
Kravitz Susan Graduate Program Coordinator 4615 Newell-Simon Hall

qkravitz [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2564
Krishnaa Gokul Visiting Researcher 2502 Newell-Simon Hall

gokulk [atsymbol]

Krishnamurthy Akshay Graduate Research Assistant 7507 Gates and Hillman Centers

akshaykr [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3501
Krishnan Vivek Mrsd Teaching Assistant,RI

vrkrishn [atsymbol]

Kroer Christian Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

ckroer [atsymbol]

(412) 268-5576
Kubiak Mychal Senior IT Support Consultant 3110 Wean Hall

myke [atsymbol]

(412) 268-8231
Kuffner James Adjunct Faculty 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

kuffner [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Kulkarni Chinmay Assistant Professor 2504D Newell-Simon Hall

chinmayk [atsymbol]

Kulkarni Aditi Vikas Visitor

aditivik [atsymbol]

Kuncoro Adhiguna Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

akuncoro [atsymbol]

Kurilova Darya Graduate Student 4105 Wean Hall

dkurilov [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2491
Kurokawa David Graduate Research Assistant 7709 Gates and Hillman Centers

dkurokaw [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3778
Kusbit Gail Research Manager 2602B Newell-Simon Hall

gkusbit [atsymbol]

(412) 268-5595
Kyriacopoulos Joanne Contracts Manager 223 National Robotics Engineering Center

joannek [atsymbol]

(412) 681-6739
La Follette Tavia Visitor 4000B Newell-Simon Hall

tavial [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3818
Labrinidis Alexandros Adjunct Associate Professor 8125 Gates and Hillman Centers

labrinid [atsymbol]

(412) 624-8843
Laddha Ankit Ms Student,RI

aladdha [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3733
Laing Erika Project Scientist 8004 Gates and Hillman Centers

laing [atsymbol]

(412) 268-3953
Lakshmi Narayanan Athmanarayanan Graduate - Engineering Technician

athmanal [atsymbol]

(412) 268-2608
Lamba Hemank Graduate Student 4208 Wean Hall

hlamba [atsymbol]

Lample Guillaume Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

glample [atsymbol]

Lan ZhenZhong Graduate Research Assistant 6225 Gates and Hillman Centers

lanzhzh [atsymbol]

Landefeld Jennifer Project Manager 5107 Gates and Hillman Centers

jennsbl [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4740
Landwehr Peter Graduate Student 5119 Wean Hall

plandweh [atsymbol]

(412) 268-5866
Langmead Christopher Associate Professor 7215 Gates and Hillman Centers

cjl [atsymbol]

(412) 268-7571
Laput Gierad Graduate Research Assistant Newell-Simon Hall

glaput [atsymbol]

Larkin David Web Developer 3215 Newell-Simon Hall

dlarkin [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4920
Lattanze Anthony Co-Director, Software Engineering Masters Programs; Teaching Professor 278 300 South Craig Street

lattanze [atsymbol]

(412) 268-4736