15-398 Fall 2005 Schedule

Class Date Topic Assignment
1 Aug. 30 Introduction  
2 Sept. 1 Feynman's Lecture Review of Feynman's Lecture
Feynman's lecture
3 Sept. 6 CMOS, Transistors & Fabrication Review
Fabrication of MOSFETs
4 Sept. 8 Nano-Lithography Review
Unconventional Nanofabrication, B. Gates, Q. Xu, J. Love, D. Wolfe, and G. Whitesides, Annual Review of Materials Research v34 n1, pp 339-372
5 Sept. 16 Self-assembly 1 Review
Self-Assembly at All Scales, Whitesides and Grzybowski, Science, v295, n5564, pp2418-2421
Beyond molecules: self-assembly of mesoscopic and macroscopic components, Whitesides and Boncheva, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Apr 16;99(8):4769-74.
6 Sept. 20 Transistor and scaling  
Moore's Law Forever, M. Lundstrom, Science 2003 Jan 299(5604):210-211
Limits on Silicon Nanoelectronics for Terascale Integration, J. Meindl, Q. Chen, and J. Davis, Science 2001 Sept 293(5537):2044-2049
7 Sept. 27 Molecular devices Review
The Role of Metal-Nanotube Contact in the Performance of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors, Zhihong Chen, Joerg Appenzeller, Joachim Knoch, Yu-ming Lin, and Phaedon Avouris, Nano Letters 2005 5(7):1497 - 1502
Whence Molecular Electronics?, A. Flood, J. Stoddart, D. Steuerman, J. Heath, 2004 Dec, Science 306():2055-7
8 Sept. 29 Circuits - Decoders Review;
Nanowire Crossbar Arrays as Address Decoders for Integrated Nanosystems, Z. Zhong, D. Wang, Y. Cui, M. Bockrath, and C. Lieber, Science 21 November 2003; 302: 1377-1379
Demultiplexer For a Molecur Wire Crossbar Network (MWCN DEMUX), P. Kuekes, R. Williams, July 2001, US Patent No. 6,256,767 B1
9 Oct. 6 Molecular Memory Architectures Review;
Nonphotolithographic Nanoscale Memory Density Prospects, A. DeHon, S. Goldstein, P. Kuekes, and, P. Lincoln. IEEE Trans. ON Nanotechnology, March 2005; 4(2):215-228
10 Oct. 7 Molecular-based Architectures Review;
Array-Based Architecture for FET-Based, Nanoscale Electronics, A. DeHon, IEEE T. on Nanotechnology, March 2003, 2(1):23--32
NanoFabrics: Spatial Computing Using Molecular Electronics, S. Goldstein and M. Budiu. ISCA 01, Goteborg, Sweden, July 2001
11 Oct. 11 ITRS future directions Review;
ITRS - Emerging Research Directions, Int'l Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, 2004
  Oct. 13 No Classes - Yom Kippur  
12 Oct. 14 9am NSH3501 DNA computing Review
Computing with DNA, L. Adleman, Scientific American, Aug 1998
Optional: A Sticker Based Model for DNA ComputationS. Roweis, E. Winfree, et. al, J. Computational Biology, 1998 Winder, 5(4):615-29
17 Oct. 18 DNA computing (2) Midterm
A Sticker Based Model for DNA ComputationS. Roweis, E. Winfree, et. al, J. Computational Biology, 1998 Winder, 5(4):615-29
14 Oct. 20 DNA-based self-assembly Review
DNA Computing by Self-Assembly, E. Winfree, NAE's The Bridge, 33(4):31-38, 2003
Algorithmic Self-Assembly of DNA Sierpinski Triangles, P. Rothemund, N. Papadakis, and E. Winfree, PLOS Biology, 2(12) e424, 2004. "Modeling Tile-Based Self-Assembly" on pages 2042-2044
15 Oct. 27 Graph grammers and self assembly Review
Graph Grammars for Self Assembling Robotic Systems, E. Klavins, R. Ghrist, D. Lipsky, ICRA 2004.
18 Nov. 3 Complexity of self-assembly Review
The Program-Size Complexity of Self-Assembled Squares, P. W. K. Rothemund and E. Winfree, STOC. 2000.
19 Nov. 8   proposals Due
20 Nov. 10 Amorphous Computing Review both papers
Amorphous computing, H Abelson, D Allen, D Coore, C Hanson, G Homsy, T Knight, R Nagpal, E Rauch, G Sussman, R Weiss. Communications of the ACM, Volume 43 Issue 5, May 2000
Programmable Pattern-Formation and Scale-Independence, R. Nagpal. ICCS, 2002.
20 Nov. 15 Shape Planning Review
Scalable Shape Sculpting via Hole Motion: Motion Planning in Lattice-Constrained Modular Robots, M. De Rosa, S. Goldstein, P. Lee, J. Campbell, P. Pillai. 2005.
21 Nov. 17 Error Correction and Self-Assembly  
Error Free Self-Assembly with Error Prone Tiles, H. Chen and A. Goel. Proceedings of the 10th International Meeting on DNA Based Computers, 2004.
22 Nov. 22 Final Project - Initial Presentations  
23 Nov. 29 The Nanotechnology Design Space  
24 Dec. 6 Market Models for Emergent Behavior Review
Market-Oriented Programming: Some Early Lessons, M. Wellman. 1995
24 Dec. 8 Final Project - Update