The Snackbot research team is comprised of many people, working together. Paul Rybski from the Robotics Institute in the School of Computer Science, is leading the technical work. Jodi Forlizzi from the Human Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) and the School of Design is leading the design process. Min Kyung Lee, a graduate student in the HCII specializing in design and behavioral science, is leading the behavioral research and evaluation efforts. The Snackbot project is an offshoot of the People and Robots Project, headed by Sara Kiesler, PI.

Team Members

Paul Rybski, Robotics
Jodi Forlizzi, HCII and Design
Min Kyung Lee, HCII
Sara Kiesler, HCII
John Antanitis, HCII
Ryan Davis, SCS
Derek Zhou, Robotics

Past team members

Austin Bales, Design
Alvin Barton, ARTSI summer REU student
Andrea Bravi, Robotics summer scholar
Levi Boyles, Computer Science Dept
Hasani Burns, ARTSI summer REU student
Adrian Castillejos, Computer Science
Wayne Chung, Design
Ric Crabbe, U. S. Naval Academy
Andy Echenique, HCII
Jack Ferris, Computer Science
Josh Finkle, Design
Eric Glaser, Design
Neil Greene, ARTSI summer REU student
Haijie Gu, Computer Science
Jessica Jones, ARTSI summer REU student
Jin Su Kim, Computer Science
David Kohlbrenner, Computer Science
Varun Kohli, Computer Science
Mitchell Luban, Electrical Engineering
Chris Michaelides, Design
Brian Mizrahi, Design
Dekita Moon, ARTSI summer REU student
Kimberley Nederlof, Social and Decision Sciences
Jaldert Rombouts, Visiting scholar in Robotics
Wardell Samotshozo, ARTSI summer REU student
Sarun Savetsila, Computer Science
Wei Shi, Computer Science
Timothy Staton-Davis, ARTSI summer REU student
Kevin Taylor, Robotics summer scholar
James Toggweiler, Design
Leonard Turnier, Social and Decision Sciences
Chun Yu, Computer Science
Sophie Zhou, Computer Science
Matthijs Zwinderman, Visiting scholar in Robotics
Tijs Zwinkel, Visiting scholar in Robotics

Thanks to other these other people who contributed their time, resources, and/or good advice (some of these people represent the People and Robots Project (PPR) as well as the CMAssist projects.):

Jonas Cleveland, Electrical Engineering
Susan Fussell, Cornell University
Rachel Gockley, Robotics
Alex Grubb, Computer Science Dept
Scott Hudson, HCII
Bilge Mutlu, HCII
Nick Pozek, Creative Enterprise Management
Aubrey Shick, HCII
Scott A. Smith, HCII
Stephen Spencer, Industrial Design and Psychology
Jeremy Stolarz, Robotics
Cristen Torrey, HCII
Kevin Yoon, Robotics

Thanks also to companies whose excellent products and services we used:

Outlaw (robot housing)
Mobile Robots (robot base)