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  • AVTS - PA Certification - Reselecting candidates, Jeff Hintz
  • AVTS - PA Certification - Straight Party Voting, Jeff Hintz
  • Polling (anti-absentee) header cards, Ken Clark
  • new report-Voter Registration, Tari Runyan
  • new Jresult, Tari Runyan
  • Include counter group in election report headings, Ken Clark
  • AVTS - No Instruction Page, Jeff Hintz
  • AVTS - Cast Vote Button on Ballot Page, Jeff Hintz
  • RE: Absentees in polls without Absentee Card, Ken Clark
  • JResult Client - Disable Percentages & Precincts Reporting, Jeff Hintz
  • JResult Client - Option to print out screen, Jeff Hintz
  • Gems - Cards Cast Report - Suppress Cards Cast for Cumulative Voter Groups, Jeff Hintz
  • Gems - Percentages not printed on the Precinct Summary Report, Jeff Hintz
  • RE: Anoka County Ballot shading, Ken Clark
  • change ward to precinct in poll book 3-12-5, Tari Runyan
  • RE: Ballot Style Options, Ken Clark

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