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RE: AVTS - PA Certification - Straight Party Voting

> If
> you vote Straight Party, then go through the rest of the ballot and do
> several crossovers, then go back to the Straight Party race and deselect
> your Straight Party choice.  By deselecting Straight Party, all votes for
> that Party will be removed from all races except those races that were
> already marked as crossover.

Interesting.  Just to be clear, if they touch a race at all, does it forever
become "dirty"?  Consider:

(1)	Vote straight party republican.
(2)	Vote presidential democrat
(3)	Change to straight party democrat
(4)	Change to straight party reform

Even though the president race is no longer crossed over at step three, I
assume changing to reform in step 4 will have no effect on the presidential
race?  Hope voters have a notebook with them to keep track of which races
they have touched...

> Also, if you go through and vote several races on
> the ballot
> but not the Straight Party race, then go back and vote Straight
> Party, all
> races that have not been voted, will then be voted for that Party if
> applicable.

This makes sense as a consequence of the first part.  None of those races
are "dirty".

Question:  what is their straight party rule for paper?  I want to know if I
can map this stuff onto the existing GEMS straight party options, or need to
invent new ones for the TS only.