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Include counter group in election report headings

Jurisdiction:  Wyandotte
Required:    May 1, 2000
The election night reports display the district and reporting set in the heading, but do not include the counter group(s).  The only way to differentiate reports printed for different counter groups is to use a custom heading.  Since report settings are not currently saved, this is a lot of work.
The only real issue here is that GEMS allows you to report sets of counters groups:  challenge+early for example.  There is no limit on the number of counter groups, so a comma delimited list will eventually overrun the heading.  We'll limit the list to two counter groups, and use the heading "multiple counters" for anything more complicated.  Users can always fall back to the custom heading for unusual sets.
This isn't a big project;  it will be in an early 1.16 release.