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RE: AVTS - No Instruction Page

My guess is that they want it now, so they can test their election that they have defined.  I did not know that their election was on May 3rd, otherwise I would have put in an earlier date for requested date.  I am in full agreement with you on the changing of software this close before an election.  Apparently Clint Rickards is the one that said that we can do all of this, at least that is what Richard from Dynabec Corp. stated to me earlier today on the phone.


Jeff Hintz

Global Election Systems


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What is the status of this RCR???  Richard from Dynabec Corp. called me, and would like to have this.  Their election is in 2 weeks.




Good grief.  (1)  This RCR is only six days old and (2) it has a May 1 requested date, which will be met.  Are you asking whether they can have it sooner?  When?


For the record, it is a bad idea for them to be dicking with their software a week before the election just so they can hide a screen that was put there to help voters.