15-462 Computer Graphics I

Spring 2002
Frank Pfenning
TuTh 10:30-11:50
WeH 7500
12 units

This course provides a basic introduction to Computer Graphics. Some undergraduate follow-up courses such as Computer Graphics II and Computer Animation are offered on a regular basis.

Prerequisites: 15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems, 21-241 Matrix Algebra, 21-259 Calculus in Three Dimensions, or equivalents.

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Class Material

Schedule Lecture schedule, slides, readings, and code
Assignments Details of assignments, due dates, and policies
Software Libraries and hints on programming environment
Resources Other course and graphics resources

Course Information

Lectures TuTh 10:30-11:50, WeH 7500.
Office Hours Wed 2:30-3:30, WeH 8117.
Textbook Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with OpenGL, with OpenGL Primer Package
by Edward Angel.
Hardcover - 842 pages 2nd edition (June 25, 2001),
Addison-Wesley Publishing; ISBN: 0201748924.
Publisher's information, Author Support.
Credit 12 units
Grading 45% Programming Assignments, 20% Written Assignments,
10% Midterm Exam, 25% Final Exam.
Assignments Programming assignments are 2 weeks each, given out and due on Thursday.
Written assignments are 1 week each, given out and due on Thursday in class.
Homework can be handed in up to 1 day late, for a 20% penalty.
Midterm Tue Mar 5 in class.
The midterm is closed book and laptop, one double-sided sheet of notes permitted.
Final Mon May 6, 1:00-4:00.
The final will be open book, closed laptop.
Home http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~fp/courses/graphics/
Newsgroup news:cmu.cs.class.cs462
Directories /afs/andrew/scs/cs/15-462/students/andrew_id/ for submission of assignments,
/afs/cs/academic/class/15462/ for other resources.


  Frank Pfenning
Contact fp@cs or x8-6343
Office Wean Hall 8117
Office Hours Wed 2:30-3:30 or by appointment

Teaching Assistants

  Michael Henson John Ketchpaw Shayan Sarkar
Contact mwh@andrew.cmu.edu kungfu@cmu.edu ssarkar@andrew.cmu.edu
Lab Hours Wed 6:00-8:00 Mon 6:00-8:00 Thu 4:30-6:30
Location Graphics Lab, Wean Hall 5336

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