Introduction to Machine Learning

10-315, Spring 2022

Carnegie Mellon University

Aarti Singh, Henry Chai

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Date Topic Material
January 21 Friday Probability review 315S22_Rec1.pdf
January 28 Friday Convex functions 315S22_Rec2.pdf
February 4 Friday MLE, MAP, and Convex Optimization 315S22_Rec3.pdf
February 11 Friday Linear Algebra and Calculus 315S22_Rec4.pdf
February 18 Friday NN implementation I
February 25 Friday NN implementation II 315S22_Rec6.pdf
March 4 Friday Spring Break -- No Class
March 11 Friday Spring Break -- No Class
March 18 Friday Entropy, Decision Trees 315S22_Rec7.pdf
March 25 Friday Constrained Optimization, Duality 315S22_Rec8.pdf
April 1 Friday SVMs, Kernels 315S22_Rec9.pdf
April 8 Friday Spring Carnival -- No Class
April 15 Friday PCA 315S22_Rec10.pdf
April 22 Friday Clustering 315S22_Rec11.pdf
April 29 Friday No Class