Introduction to Machine Learning

10-315, Spring 2022

Carnegie Mellon University

Aarti Singh, Henry Chai

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There will be four homework assignments that will have some combination of written and programming components and four online assignments. Written and online components will involve working through algorithms presented in the class, deriving and proving mathematical results, and critically analyzing material presented in class. Programming assignments will involve writing code in Python to implement various algorithms.

Assignment Link Due date
Online QnA1 Gradescope January 26 Wednesday, 11:59 pm
Homework 1 HW1 February 9 Wednesday, 11:59 pm
Online QnA2 Gradescope February 16 Wednesday, 11:59 pm
Homework 2 HW2 March 2 Wednesday, 11:59 pm
Online QnA3 Gradescope March 23 Wednesday, 11:59 pm
Homework 3 HW3 April 6 Wednesday, 11:59 pm
Online QnA4 Gradescope April 13 Wednesday, 11:59 pm
Homework 4 HW4 April 27 Wednesday, 11:59 pm