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Tanja Schultz email: Tel: 001 412 268 4278 (-6 hours)
Petra Gieselmann: Tel: +49 721 608 4057
Lena Maier-Hein:
Matthias Honal:
Artus Krohn-Grimberghe:
Christoph Mayer:
Marek Doniec:

Papers for our reading group
Wolpaw et al.: BCI Review 2002
Millan et al.: Adaptive Brain Interfaces 2000
Millan et al.: ABI 2003
Schroeder et al.: Feature Selection 2003
Cicotti et al.: Feature Classfiers 2003
Pfurtscheller et al.: Graz BCI 2003
Mueller et al.: Linear And Nonlinear Methods 2003
Donchin et al.: P300 2000
Moore: Real-World Applications 2003
Birbaumer et al.: Thought Translation Device 2000
Hinterberger et al. TTD 2003
Middendorf et al.: Visual Evoked Response BCI 2000
Wolpaw et al.: Wadsworth Center 2003
Useful Links - General Overview BCI
Homepage ECI
Information on brain computer science
Behavioural Research and Imaging Network (BRAIN)
Collection of links for starters
More specifically ...
Brain Computer Interface Project
BCI competition 2003
BCI competition 2003 Results
Experiments with an EEG-based computer interface (ps file)
Systems Design and Implementation in Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI) for EEG Brain Research
On the Possibility of Developing a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) -- GOOD INTRO (pdf-file)
Improving Transfer Rates in Brain Computer Interfacing: a Case Study
Information on brain computer science in Berlin
Different links on Brain Computer Interfaces
Information on brain computer science in Rochester
EEG-based BCI: Control of a patients Virtual Keyboard
EEG-based braincomputer interface
EEG-based Brain Computer Interfaces

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