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Fall 2008

Technology and Global Development (15-502) [undergraduate]

  with Joe Mertz and Jay Aronson

I co-created this course as an undergraduate version of similar material offered for several years at the graduate level.  It debuted in 2006, and has found strong interest with students across the university.  

Technology for Developing Communities (16-871 or 08-790) [graduate]

  with M. Bernardine Dias

We pioneered the teaching of ICT4D, and this course will be the 6th iteration of what began as a course dubbed ICT4B (ICT for 4 Billion People), which we first ran in 2003 jointly with UC-Berkeley (Profs. Eric Brewer, [the late] Richard Newton, and Tom Kalil). The course has evolved, and had name changes, but remains a project-oriented course open to graduate students across the university, with no pre-requisites, just a strong interest in the field.  By making the course materials available online, a number of groups worldwide have been able to use the content for ICTD pedagogy.  

COS Graduate Seminar (17-848)

  with Kathleen Carley

Spring 2008

Ethics and Policy Issues in Computing (08-200/19-211) [undergraduate]

This used to be called Computers and Society, but I realized the name wasn't descriptive enough before.  Previously, I co-taught this course with Lorrie Cranor for several years, and it is an introductory course to COS.  It provides an interdisciplinary overview of the non-technical challenges of computing, IT, and telecommunications, and includes a final research paper for students or teams.     

Past courses

Other courses I've taught or co-taught in the past include Telecommunications (18-345), and New Technologies and Economic Growth (19-442 /742).

I have also been an Advisory Committee Member for a number of EPP Project courses and Heinz School Systems Synthesis Projects, covering topics ranging from energy to networks for underserved communities to meta-reviews of International Aid.