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I am presently a Senior Systems Scientist in the Program on Computation, Organizations, and Society (COS) in the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.  I have an appointment in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy, and am Associate Director of TechBridgeWorld, CMU's initiative on bridging technology and global development.  I am also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Study of Science, Technology, and Policy (CSTEP), Bangalore, India, a newly established not-for-profit Think Tank.  

My work broadly fits into the inter- and multi-disciplinary realm of
technology and policy for infrastructure and human development, with an emphasis on Information and Communications Technology (ICT), as well as power/energy systems.  My research focuses covers a wide variety of topics, incorporating economics, regulation, security, and social issues. 

Much of my current work focuses on ICT and development, especially the research challenges in integrating ICT into infrastructural and social systems.  I organized a series of global conferences on ICT for development for the United Nations, World Bank, and US National Science Foundation, resulting in a well-received book on this topic: Information and Communications Technology for Sustainable Development: Defining a Global Research Agenda.   I am especially active in the community of scholars engaged in the field of ICT and Development (ICTD).  I helped initiate and organize the interdisciplinary, double-blind peer reviewed IEEE/ACM conferences on ICTD.  I will be Program Co-chair of ICTD2009, where Bill Gates will be delivering a Keynote Address. 

An avid scholar of the digital divide, I was Vice-Chairman of the
United Nations ICT Task Force Working Group on Enabling Environment (formerly, Low-Cost Connectivity Access), and have wide experience in network design and architecture, especially for underserved and rural areas. In the late 1990s, working with CMU colleagues, I spent several years designing a next-generation optical network for India (similar to Internet2), and to help deregulate the Indian Telecom sector.  

I have had the opportunity to deliver invited seminars and Keynote Addresses at numerous international conferences, workshops, etc, on topics ranging from telecommunications technologies to the Digital Divide.  I advise industry and governments in technology analysis and decision-making, and I've been fortunate that my work has been able to directly influence national and international policy, including through private briefings for senior government officials and even cabinet or higher rank leaders.  I am on the Technology Advisory Board for Southern California Edison's (a leading US utility's) project on advanced (“smart”) metering technology, a billion+ dollar project which was influenced by my publications and analysis.  I recently helped establish a non-profit Think Tank in India for technology policy analysis, CSTEP - Center for Study of Science, Technology, and Policy, which is Chaired by Dr. V. S. Arunachalam, former Science Advisor to Defense and Prime Ministers of India. 

I have taught courses spanning telecommunications, networking, wireless technologies, the role of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) for Human Development, and broader ethical and policy issues of computing.

My doctorate was from Carnegie Mellon (1998) in Engineering and Public Policy, and undergraduate degree was in Electrical Engineering (with Honors, Magna cum Laude) from Brown University (1995).