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Warning: These galleries may be bandwidth-intensive. The images herein are mostly 1/16 of the original area -- downsampled 75% along each linear dimension -- but they may still be fairly large. Those still using dial-up lines should be wary or patient.

Most of the full-resolution images are not reachable on this site, because I don't have -that- much disk quota... but if there's something you'd like to get a full-resolution copy of, let me know. I might put a great bulk of them on AOL Pictures at some point, but even if I do such a bulk upload, it'll take a while to organize...

This page contains links to a selection of images I've taken through the course this hobby. I'm in the process of trying to come up with a sane organization for these galleries, since some galleries are based on location, some on topic, and there's even a catch-all for the E-1. More recent or active galleries will be near the top.

Note: I've been mostly hosting my pictures on AOL now -- far more storage space there.

This Flash-based widget should show you the pictures in my public gallery on that service.

Camera-specific catch-all

If I take a shot I'd like to show, but don't feel like creating a gallery for, I might put it here.

Suspended feather

E1 (main) -- This gallery holds pictures taken with my Olympus E-1. These have all been downsized in the usual manner, but as the E-1 takes larger pictures than the DiMAGE S304 you can expect somewhat larger images. This gallery may be split or reorganized later on. (54 images; 1 added, 2-March-2007).

Theme/event galleries

These galleries are small collections of shots which I've taken at some particular location, or with a given theme or other subject in mind. More recently updated galleries are higher in the listings.

Russian Ridge

Russian Ridge (E-1) -- A first look at the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, a wonderfully natural area a bit southwest of Palo Alto. 26 shots, of which the most recent two were added on March 8, 2007.

Creepers on wall

Stevens Creek Trail (E-1) -- Nine shots taken during a walk on the Stevens Creek Trail, December 17, 2006.

ISO sign

University of California at Berkeley (E-1) -- The wife of a friend of mine attended a recruiting event at UC Berkeley's business school, so he and I spent the time wandering around campus and the local area. This gallery contains seven pictures from that day's meandering. Gallery created October 30, 2006.

Bird arrival

On my patio (E-1) -- Shots taken of subjects on my patio. Twenty shots; the most recent three were added on August 6, 2006.

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite National Park (E-1) -- Twenty pictures selected from those taken from a trip to Yosemite National Park on June 10 and 11.

Funky rock formation

Castle Rock State Park(E-1) -- Shots taken at Castle Rock State Park. Started with five pictures on May 14, 2006.

Masked performer

Castro Street Saturday (E-1) -- A handful of pictures taken on a Saturday when Castro Street in Mountain View is made into a pedestrian-only zone with numerous vendors. Gallery created on May 6, 2006 with four pictures.

Mist in Monte Bello

Monte Bello (E-1) -- Monte Bello Open Space Preserve. Gallery created on April 29, 2006 with four pictures.

Wading bird

Shoreline Park (E-1) -- Shots taken at Shoreline Park; the most recent two were added on April 15, 2006.

Los Trancos

Los Trancos (E-1) -- A first look at the Los Trancos Open Space Preserve, another lovely place to walk around. Six shots, all taken on April 8th, 2006.

Rancho San Antonio

Rancho San Antonio (E-1) -- A first look at the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve, south of Los Altos. These nine shots were all taken on Februrary 25, 2006.

Standing duckling

Ducklings (E-1) A look at ducklings, mostly through the 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 lens and a EC-14 1.4x teleconverter, on June 4th, 12th and 25th 2005. 13 pictures (3 added, 26-June-2005).


Spring Carnival 2005 (E-1) Carnegie Mellon's Spring Carnival, 2005 edition. Pictures taken on April 15; the Carnival started on the evening of the 14th and runs through the evening of the 16th. 10 pictures (gallery created 16-April-2005).

Circles of color

OCA Benefit (E-1) The Organization of Chinese-Americans (OCA) held a Chinese New Year's event on February 19, 2005, the proceeds of which were allocated for tsunami relief efforts. A couple of the images approach 300KB in size, so this is not a very 56K-friendly gallery. 14 pictures (gallery created 21-February-2005).

(Yeah, the filenames state February 20. My camera's currently set to GMT and this was an evening event.)


A simple look at fire (E-1) -- Over the Christmas break I practiced with a very dynamic subject which is utterly unresponsive to suggestion and never stands still: fire. A warning to the bandwidth-deprived: the images herein range from 61 to 165 KB. 10 pictures (gallery created 27-December-2004).

Inactive galleries

These galleries are inactive -- I am not likely to put more pictures in them. I'll instead try to put new pictures together in new galleries based on the outing rather than organizing them into the old system of existing topic-based galleries.

Immature black-crowned night heron

Birds, including waterfowl, sparrows and anything else that presents a good photo-op. 50 pictures. (7 replaced last update, 12-October-2004).

A friendly squirrel

Squirrels, which are sufficiently human-tolerant to make good subjects even for my meager skills and preparation. 50 pictures (1 replaced last update, 24-September-2004).


Scenery, including landscapes and skyscapes. 50 pictures (2 replaced last update, 19-October-2004).

Misc, such as rabbits, toads, trees, whatever else. 50 pictures (1 replaced last update, 12-October-2004).

Bizarre edits

It's been a while since I did anything too odd with a paint program. If the itch strikes me again, the results will be here.

Party at Wean

Paint Sho Pro -- this gallery holds images which I've edited in nontrivial ways using Jasc's software of that name. Images in other sections may be edited regarding noise, color balance, sharpness, et al, but will rarely receive significant semantic edits barring outright indecency. Images in THIS section, however, will be blatant fabrications. ;) 22 pictures (1 added last update, 19-September-2004).


Archive -- This gallery holds pictures that I've retired from the other galleries, but like enough to continue storing online. 48 pictures (28 purged last update, 20-June-2005).

Sunset panorama

Irregular -- This gallery will contain images with irregular dimensions, such as the panorama I made from four overlapping images. 5 pictures (1 added last update, 4-July-2004).

On the URLs:

Note -- I switched over to some simple-but-workable Perl scripts that automate the gallery generation. As one consequence, the URLs changed slightly, and will change again if more digits are required -- for instance, a gallery of over 45 images will result in filenames of the form fooNN.html where NN is exactly two digits, including a leading zero if need be, while 45 or fewer can be handled as foo1.html through foo9.html. My script will create a symlink, however, so it's now safe to bookmark foo.html (such as

Photography equipment summary

I did have a Minolta DiMAGE S304, but have handed that on.

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