Contact information

E-mail Address

Personal e-mail:


There's an associated set of GnuPG public key data for the e-mail account, although I'm not quite sure what you'd be e-mailing me that would require crypto. I used to have a few hundred custom filters on it, resulting in a somewhat elevated risk of a false positive, but now that Carnegie Mellon has decent spam filters (and most of the spam I get is forwarded from my academic account there) I'm relying pretty much on the stock filters.

Instant messaging

Mostly I use the lw2j handle on Yahoo!'s IM service.

Mailing Address

151 Calderon Avenue #264
Avalon at Creekside
Mountain View, CA 94041-1463

Phone/Fax Numbers

Cellular (VZW, in-network applies) 412-496-8475
Landline 650-966-1356

The cell phone in the above table is among the easiest ways to reach me; it's usually on and near me, and I'm rarely anywhere near my monthly minute limit.

Head shot

I don't bite. Really.