This page notes the various internships and jobs I've held that relate to computer science. This does not include publications as a result of work as a graduate student; now that I've actually been published as such, you can check my list of publications elsewhere, or perhaps see if there's anything interesting to download.

Previous development positions

Place When Purpose
Ness Computing January 2010-April 2013 Senior software engineer. Record linkage and reconciliation, infrastructure related to user feedback.
Chai Labs November 2008 - December 2009 Software engineer. Named-entity extraction, various sundry related tasks.
AOL LLC July 2005 - October 2008 Working as a software engineer first in the ad-keyword optimization domain; later on personalized recommendations of web content based on both content- and collaborative-filtering approaches.
Microsoft -- Windows CE Core OS May 1997 - Aug 1997
May 1998 - Aug 1998
Internships, both times. Development of tools for configuration, componentization, and performance analysis of Windows CE.
The Auton Project Jan 1997 - May 1997
Sep 1997 - Dec 1997
Research intern. Researched efficient methods of information extraction in data analysis, and improved mathematical model of industrial process.
Interactive System Laboratories Jun 1995 - Jan 1997 Research intern. Videoconferencing, face tracking projects.
Xavier project Jun 1996 - Aug 1996 Research intern. Vision and door label reading.


The ISL work, under Jie Yang and Alex Waibel, has led to a publication. See:

It's also known as CMU-TR-96-150.

Other sponsored research

Where When Purpose
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories Summer 1993 Research Science Institute internship; language-teaching system.
Pennsylvania State University Summer 1992 Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Agricultural Sciences intership; Butterfly classification.

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