Joonhwan Lee

Product Design

Personal Information Assistant Design

Personal Information Assistant
1994, Seoul National University

Information appliance in the form of a camera, electronic diary and communication device connected.

Mobile Communicator

Mobile Communicator
1997, Seoul National University

Scriptable communicator focused on mobility.

Interface design for headgear type projector manipulation

Remote Control
1996, Seoul National University

Interface Design for headgear type projector manipulation.

TV and Remote Control User Interface Design

1993, Daewoo Electronics and Seoul National University

In this design, only 3-buttons were used for manipulating TV.
(Sponsored by Daewoo Electronics)

Telephone Design

1991, Seoul National University

Tried to express the strict and hard industrialized society and the transparency of communication by using metal and glass.

Lighting Design - the Sunflower

1993, Seoul National University

The light to use the solar energy saved in the daytime. It's top spread in the daytime for collecting the solar energy.
This idea is originated in the lift style of Sun Flower.
Honorable mentions at Koizumi International Lighting Competition.

Lighting Design

1991, Seoul National University

Street Furniture Design for Riverside

Street Furniture
1993, Seoul National University

Stool design for riverside. The light turn on at night to indicate the border line between water and road.