Joonhwan Lee

Mac Programming

Here are several utilities I developed for Mac OS X.

Bibim - A bibtex converter for Macintosh Word 2008


DOWNLOAD (v.0.32)

Recently released Microsoft Word 2008 has a citation feature, but its ability to manage bibliography isn't good. However, we already have very nice bibliography management software such as BibDesk or Papers for mac users, so I simply added another software that converts a bibtex file generated by those programs to a MS Word 2008's bibliography file.

Simply drop a bibtex file to the window, and press a convert button. Then it will generate "Sources.xml" file. Put this file under ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data folder.

Known Issues
- Currently it only supports Leopard.
- Bibliography entry with missing fields (e.g., missing authors, missing title, etc.) may cause error.

This program still is in alpha version. If you find any problem, email me at at gmail dot com.

CocoAL - ALZIP expander


DOWNLOAD (v.0.5)

ALZIP is a popular file archive utility in Korea.
CocoAL is an ALZIP expander for Mac OS X.

More information of this software can be found here. (in Korean)

EnCore! - English/Korean, Korean/English dictionary for Leopard


DOWNLOAD will be available soon

A small program that converts web dictionary data to Apple's Dictionary format.
Written in Ruby. The source code will be available shortly.

Other Programming

Here are my other projects using Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.

Medico CMS (Content Management System), Ruby on Rails


A medical contents management system written in Ruby on Rails.

WiiDrive, Java


A very simple (and old-fashioned) driving simulated game that works with Wii remote controller. This program can measure various game performances.