All recitations are Thursdays, 5:00-6:20, Wean Hall 5409, unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, Sep. 11: Jingrui

Review of Probability, Part 1

Download the lecture as [ppt] [pdf].

Thursday, Sep. 13: Steve

Review of Probability, Part 2

Download the lecture (with additional annotations): [pdf].

Tuesday, Sep. 18: Joseph

Introduction to Matlab

** TIME & LOCATION CHANGE:: 5:30-6:50PM Wean 5409 **

Demonstration code is available here. You can obtain a copy of Matlab here. Here is a [Monitor Friendly] and a [Printer Friendly] version of the recitation slides. . The printer friendly slides are slightly mangled so I will post a better version soon.

Thursday, Sept. 20: Sue Ann

Bayes Optimal Classifier, Naive Bayes, Gaussian Naive Bayes

Slides (pdf), lighter slides for printing (pdf)
Example for parameter estimation and classification (Mathematica notebook, pdf)

Thursday, Sep. 27: Jingrui

Discussion on Logistic Regression and Naive Bayes

Download the lecture: [pdf].

Thursday, Oct. 4: Steve


Download the lecture: [pdf].

Thursday, Oct. 11: Joseph

Neural Networks

Download the lecture: [pdf]. [Mathematica6].

Thursday, Oct. 18: Sue Ann

Support Vector Machines

Download the lecture: [pdf].

Tuesday, Oct. 23: Steve

Midterm Review Session

5-6:30pm, Location TBD

Thursday, Nov. 1: Jingrui

Bayes Networks

Download the lecture: [pdf], [pdf with answers].

Thursday, Nov. 8: Joseph

Variable Elimination

Download the lecture: [pdf], [Not Animated pdf].

Thursday, Nov. 15: Sue Ann

Structure Learning (mostly Chow-Liu)

Download the lecture: [pdf].

Thursday, Nov. 22: NO RECITATION

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, Nov. 29: last lecture by Carlos

5-6:20, Wean 7500

FRIDAY, Dec. 7: Sue Ann

3-5pm, Wean 5409

Final Exam Review Session