15-815 Automated Theorem Proving

  • Lectures are Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30-11:50, Wean Hall 4601.
  • The class notes provide additional reading material.
    They complement, but do not replace the lecture.
  • The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.
Date Lecture Reading    Assignment Due

Tue Jan 20 Natural Deduction Ch.1, pp.1-2; Ch.2, pp.3-8  
Thu Jan 22 Sequent Calculus Ch.2, pp.9-17; Ch.3, pp.36-42  

Tue Jan 27 Cut Elimination Ch.3, pp.43-52  
Thu Jan 29 Proof Terms Ch.2, pp.20-24; Ch.3, p.35; [D92]; [DN00] Assignment 1

Tue Feb 3 Deciding Propositional Logic [D92]; [DN00]  
Thu Feb 5 Classical Logic Ch.3.7,pp.53-57 Assignment 2

Tue Feb 10 Interpreting Classical in Intuitionistic Logic Ch.3.7, pp.57-60  
Thu Feb 12 The Inverse Method Ch.5, pp.89-98  

Tue Feb 17 Quantification Chs.1-3 Assignment 3
Thu Feb 19 Unification Ch.4.3, pp.76-84  

Tue Feb 24 Unification with Parameters Ch.4.4, pp.85-88  
Thu Feb 26 The First-Order Inverse Method Chs 5.7-5.8, pp.101-107 Assignment 4

Tue Mar 2 Completeness of the Inverse Method [DV01a]; corrigendum pp.200-201  
Thu Mar 4 Midterm Exam    

Tue Mar 9 Spring Break    
Thu Mar 11 Spring Break    

Tue Mar 16 Horn Logic Ch.4, pp.72-76  
Thu Mar 18 Focusing Ch.4, pp.63-72, pp.76-80 Assignment 5

Tue Mar 23 Inverse Focusing Ch.5.9, pp.111-115  
Thu Mar 25 Labeled Deduction Ch.6, pp.117-122 Week 1 Plans

Tue Mar 30 Completeness of Labeled Deduction Ch.6, pp.122-123  
Thu Apr 1 Matrix Methods Ch.6, pp.123-125; [W01]; [KS00] Week 2 Plans

Tue Apr 6 Equality Ch.7, pp.127-136  
Thu Apr 8 Paramodulation [NR01] Week 3 Plans

Tue Apr 13 Indexing [T98]  
Thu Apr 15 Spring Carnival   Week 4 Plans

Tue Apr 20 Equality Elimination [DP01], pp.537-559; [BGV98]  
Thu Apr 22 Completion [DP01], pp.559-574 Week 5 Plans

Tue Apr 27 Congruence Closure [BTV03], pp.129-143  
Thu Apr 29 Combining Decision Procedures [G02] Final Report

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