Pretty Good Race

Our version of the Pittsburgh Great Race, the "Pretty Good Race," is held every September in Schenley Park. Bets between students and their advisors are traditional. Phil Miller wrote an article about the History of the Pretty Good Race for the CMU CS 25th anniversary.

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5K Run Winners

2007Phil Gibbons (18:23)Mary McGlohon (25:08)
2006Jake Krohn (18:19)Jacqueline MacDonald (21:40)
2005Phil Gibbons (18:19)Mary Koes (23:30)
2004Rob Reeder (18:21)Tara Matthews (20:32)
2003Rob Reeder (17:16)Yifat Faran (19:58)**
2002Phil Gibbons (18:14)Boriska Toth (20:31)
2001Steven MacGregor (16:55)Boriska Toth (21:41)
2000Edward Hogan (16:53)Vandana Verma (23:09)
1999Edward Hogan (16:00)**Vandana Verma (23:49)
1998Peter Stone (19:09)Vandana Verma (21:43)
1997Peter Stone (18:33)Dana Stewart (25:03)
1996Yuri Smirnov (17:58)Anne Humphreys (24:49)
1995Yuri Smirnov (17:49)Elizabeth Stuck (25:22)
1994Yuri Smirnov (16:38)Phoebe Sengers (24:10)
1993Yuri Smirnov (16:03)Susan Hinrichs (24:37)
1992Yuri Smirnov (19:00)Susan Hinrichs (23:42)
1991Michael Leary (18:29)Susan Hinrichs (24:05)
1990John Pane (17:51)Kim Faught (22:45)
1989John Pane (17:46)Theresa Pane (22:50)
1988John Pane (17:09)Jenny Robertson (23:56)
1987John Pane (18:06)Nahid Capell (21:48)
1986Bob Guzikowski (17:00)Nahid Capell (21:15)
1985John Pane (17:36)Kim Faught (22:22)
1984John Pane (17:23)Irene Skupniewicz (21:44)
1983John Pane (17:12)Lori Zuti (23:03)
1982Peter Highnam (16:48)Elaine Kant
1981Rich KorfElaine Kant

5K Race Walk Winners

2007Joseph Giampapa (38:37)Queenie Kravitz (48:10)
2006Laurence Kramer (41:30)Samantha Schearer (42:44)
2005Laurence Kramer (42:18)
2004Richard Stern (36:56)**Supriya Kapila (42:22)**
2003Philip Lehman (43:41)Lynn Reder (44:02)
2002Richard Stern (39:03)

** = New record

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